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Proposal Of Implementation Of Service Marketing To Attracting New Customers: Case Study In Giralflex Company

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MAQUINÉ, Igor Mendes [1], PEREIRA, Jonimar Auzier Nunes [2], OLIVEIRA, Olavo Caio Freitas [3], ROBERTO, José Carlos Alves [4]

MAQUINÉ, Igor Mendes. Et al. Proposal Of Implementation Of Service Marketing To Attracting New Customers: Case Study In Giralflex Company. Revista Científica Multidisciplinar Núcleo do Conhecimento. Year 06, Ed. 05, Vol. 06, pp. 131-149. May 2021. ISSN: 2448-0959, Access link: ‎


Service Marketing is a tool that serves as a strategy to provide and demonstrate to customers the quality, agility and efficiency of the product being offered in the market and ensuring the satisfaction of the same, as it is meeting their needs. The research aims to identify service marketing methodologies to capture new customers, map which methodologies are applied in the segment, evaluate which methodology best applies to the reality of the business and present methodology for improving the capture of new customers. Based on a qualitative-quantitative research of exploratory nature applied in the scope of Action Research, it was carried out as procedures, bibliographic survey, monographs, articles and books of primary and secondary nature, observation and participation. It was verified in the main results that the marketing area obtained a lower performance and some strategies are suggested, such as establishing e-commerce to capture new customers, the dissemination of the company in social networks to expand external knowledge, purchase of software that interconnects all processes of the company with regard to production, inventory, sales and marketing itself, training for employees and standardization of services to ensure quality and productivity, also a plan of motivation and benefits. Therefore, service marketing is crucial in the development of the company studied, in order to ensure quality in the provision of services through the proposed methodologies.

Keywords: Service Marketing, E-commerce, Quality.


Service Marketing is a specific tool within your area, since it offers essential tools for perception and intervention in social reality. It can encourage the approximation of customers with the product worked, and, therefore, facilitate entrepreneurship between the company and the multiple relations with the internal and external market.

It is possible to develop methodologies to expand the soul of the business, with the manpower of each employee, due to the quality of the product until the final sale.

This work aims to identify service marketing methodologies to capture new customers, map which methodologies are applied in the segment, evaluate which methodology best applies to the reality of the business and present methodology for improving the capture of new customers.

The methodology explained consists of an action research of qualitative-quantitative application of exploratory character with classification of applied nature, having as procedures the bibliographic research, documentary research and the practice of observation and participation.

This article is divided into three chapters. The first will address the theoretical framework, which presents the concept of service marketing, e-commerce concept, social media marketing, product and service management, need for training for the team, standardization training of service delivery and motivation plan and benefits.

The second chapter refers to the Methodology of the work that includes details about the research in the company Giralflex that developed a detailed study to solve the deficit found in the area of service marketing.

And the third chapter contemplates the results achieved according to the specific objectives of this work, which through the observations made and the application and suggestion of methodologies verified the need for improvement in the marketing area. A proposal was elaborated to implement service marketing tools, using the 5W2H quality tool for such implementation as an improvement strategy to attract new customers.


The theoretical framework consists of a broad analysis of studies made to verify the problem issue of this scientific article. According to Köche (2011), it is important to verify the works consulted presenting the current knowledge of the area investigated.

The theoretical basis was taken from monographs, articles and books so that researchers can obtain more knowledge about the theme proposed in this research and thus extract citations to enrich and support the research.


Service Marketing has been growing over the years and every day gains visibility and prominence. With the growth of professionals in several areas, Service Marketing becomes fundamental to stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers. Even having a misinterpretation with regard to marketing, it is not just advertising and price, there is a whole process moreover that starts from the manufacture of a product and goes to the final service provided in it, there is a social and managerial involvement where individuals get what they need or want through the creation of products or the provision of service. For Gremler et al. (2014), service marketing aims to meet people’s needs and desires in a strategic way, serving and performing quality services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

There is a difference between the service and product, while in the product one can highlight the 7 P’s of marketing that are Product, Price, Square, Promotion, Palpability, Process and People in the services have themselves the Intangibility, because the service is an action, be it an assembly or maintenance of a product, Indivisibility by not separating the person who performs the service from the service itself , Variability since the same service can be performed in different ways, the Perecibility which means that there is no way to store a service to use it later, for example, the customer’s participation at the time of the execution of the service and the criterion that it can use for its own satisfaction. For Faria (2015), the services take place at different times, such as the sale of a product, assembly, delivery and maintenance done. Once a customer service is started, service marketing is managed at all times whether or not you are with your customer.


E-commerce, or electronic commerce, which in Portuguese means Comércio Eletrônico, is the commercialization of products or services in a virtual environment, where the product or service may arrive at the buyer’s residence or by electronic means, as an example the purchase of a mobile phone that later arrives at the residence or a computer software , or a system maintenance request. According to Mendonça (2016), it serves a wide variety of businesses, segments, such as the marketing of cars, mobile phones, websites and services, making payment by electronic means regardless of time or place.

E-commerce became possible with the arrival of the internet and to this day it has been updated, seeking to meet all types of taste, facilitating payment and receipt of the products and services offered. For Mendes (2013), it was not until 1991, with the opening of the internet to commerce, that e-commerce was possible, connecting people anywhere on the planet. With e-commerce it is possible to purchase goods or services from Japan, Korea or any other country with open trade.


When it comes to marketing a lot of thinking about giving visibility to the company, making this reach customers for its products or services through techniques to capture customers. Currently with the evolution of technology and with people increasingly connected to the internet, we see the exponential growth of marketing on social networks, it is common for the user of these applications to come across ads or publications from certain companies when browsing.

According to Silva (2015), marketers are trained to stimulate and manage demand for a company’s products. Thus, marketing managers seek to influence the level, opportunity and composition of demand to meet the organization’s goal.

It is through social networks that many companies have been leveraging their sales, many end consumers find their products through ads in some video or in company-sponsored posts. Today, if the company wants some ad to appear in the timeline of many people it negotiates with the social network itself so that its profile is sponsored, thus appearing to other users of that same application. For your product to be seen by several people, you use the digital influencers, negotiating posts on social networks, paying a value and sending samples of your products for them to post, whether in feed or stories, and all followers see that brand and be influenced to buy it, because that famous is advertising the product.


Any and all companies that market your product or service need someone or some exclusive industry to track delivery, warranty and customer satisfaction. Service management is an area that is growing more and more within companies, such a situation occurs because customers seek places of sale where they have a greater situational support in the before and after sales, and this is the fundamental role of those who are ahead of this area.

For Spiller (2011), the sale of a service is entirely based on the promise that will conveniently meet the expectation of the consumer. For this reason the service company must always seek, through communication, production and sale, to make a realistic promise, compatible with the expectation of the customer.

Companies that care about the management of products and services are one step away from the others, these through their investments in this area will gain prominence among their final consumers, their customers. Although depending on the type of company this investment may be high, at the end of the process the company will reap good results.


When you think about training, it is believed that everything available on the market can be used to leverage the success of the company, and the best and fastest way to bring this evolution is to install software. With the installation of a correct software the whole company connects giving agility and transparency to all who work there, besides understanding that it can help in the decision process, inventory control, purchase of materials and financial by generating reports very fast.

The installation of the software becomes necessary from the beginning of the creation of the company, however it is no use just installing it it is necessary to train the multidisciplinary team so that the material is not just another object, but that shows agility, efficiency and quality. A well-trained team will be available to serve the company in every possible way.

According to Araújo (2016), with the software installed has to ensure that all people involved are prepared and qualified in the use of the new software and understand what was built, installed, designed, tested and delivered. The use of better traditional methodologies and practices for software implementation requires companies to have a certain maturity, adequate organizational structure, boasted people and defined processes.

The skills that were presented in the software training should be monitored and placed in a quality grade, as well as, at the same time, all necessary training support should be offered again if there are doubts, errors in the software and obstacles that may hinder the use. For Cainelli et al. (2017), quality software and a trained team guarantee quality and value your product and service.


When it comes to providing service it is understood that all work methods are connected and that together they will give agility, quality, safety to those who are buying. However, how to do this if professionals do not have adequate skills and instruments?

For Ramos (2017), training is a sequence of activities designed to modify, create and transform something in order to achieve some goal, whether before, during or post-execution. In this way, skills are improved and knowledge expanded.

Companies bet on guides that will serve as parameters for their employees to be able to perform their functions better. With the activities previously tested facilitating the execution of them and ensuring success and higher quality. It is important to do training in the classroom, with video and practice so that there are no subsequent errors.


If there is a professional who works well, who fulfills his duty and who always seeks improvements for the company where he works, it is understandable that there is often a motivational plan for this employee to continue always aggregating the institution. In general and in most segments, the great differential is really the quality of employees involved in the production of merchandise or in the provision of services, in this way, a motivated professional is satisfactory production and an unmotivated professional is loss of production.

For Chiavenato (2014) the manager can make use of theories about human motivation and thus know the role of each employee taking into account their hierarchical level so that effective attributions and benefits are designated. There are basically three hierarchical levels: strategic, tactical and operational. At the strategic level the decision is appropriate to the whole organization (internal and external), are architected in the long term; in the tactic applies the unfolding and implementation of strategic planning decisions; at the operational level the tasks assigned by the tactical level, carried out in the short term the production of goods or services, are carried out.

Therefore, each level receives a different type of planning, the higher the position the greater the reward, the greater the benefit. Among the main molds will be positions and salaries, there are many other forms that are viable for the stimulus of the employee. For Pasqualotto (2019), the plan of positions and salaries allows the manager to manage employees in a stimulated and competitive way, ensuring quality in the products and services provided.

When looking at all forms of recognition and benefits it is understood that there are numerous ways, however, one should analyze which best suits the company, always taking into account the size of the company and aligned with other sectors, once whatever the plan, benefits, bonus, toast will all come exclusively from the company’s capital.


The direction of the research is fundamental to find the best form and trajectory to be traveled, in order to overcome obstacles and adapt to the present day, finding means and tools in the marketing of services to solve the problem issue. Research carried out in a small company, in order to contribute to new entrants in the market.

According to Kahtalian (2012), service marketing has different product characteristics and aims at customer satisfaction seeking to leave tangible service adding value to its consumption. The present research was constituted from a qualitative-quantitative approach, of exploratory character, because bibliographic surveys were carried out and data collection was carried out through closed interviews.


They are detailed descriptions of the types of procedures that researchers choose to obtain data to solve the problematic issue. According to Zambello (2018 p, 35), “the methodology should be understood as the path that will lead to the construction of the research. These are the rules designed to understand the problem and offer an answer that can be justifiable to him.” The methodology acquired varies according to each type of research and its area of knowledge.


Classification of applied nature, because it was necessary to originate charts and tables to solve the problem question. According to Nogueira (2015, p. 9),”applied research is intended to solve the problem and probably results in a directly applied product, that is, an alternative to solve the problem”.


It is characterized in the scope of Action Research, in which researchers follow what are the best methods to be chosen to perform during the research. According to Fonseca (2012, p. 24), this type of research consists in the observation of facts and phenomena as it occurs spontaneously in the collection of data related to them and in the recording of variables that are presumed relevant to analyze them. Observation is required to ensure the solution.


Bibliographic survey: they are based on articles, books and monographs, it is a material accessible to all, being primary or secondary in nature. For Severino (2017) the bibliographic documentation should be carried out gradually, as the student makes contact with the books or with the reports about them. The fact sheet containing information from these documentation scares a lot in the organizations of ideas.

Observation and participation: it is essential for data collection and analysis of the problem, so that it is ascertained what criteria are necessary for its resolution. According to Praça (2015), when defining the type of research to be carried out, the researcher efficiently defines the systematics, methodological procedures and also the planning of the research seeking its qualitative or quantitative results.


The research was carried out in a single stage, developed in the Company J A N Pereira – EPP. With the fancy name GiralFlex and is located in the city of Manaus in the state of Amazonas on Avenida Carvalho Leal, Nº 1539 in Cachoeirinha and zip code: 69.065- 001.

The company is part of the Tertiary Sector. The tertiary sector of the economy is the area of operation of human activities based on the provision of services and the practice of trade. The company presents as main activity: 47.54-7-01 – Retail furniture trade. The administrative aspects of the company have approximately 700 m2 of built area, being 225 m2 of store, 70 m2 of administrative area with 2 rooms, 1 box, american kitchen and bathroom at the top, in the lower 300 m2 of warehouse, 300 m2 of production area, including clothing and 40 m2 for joinery and a sand soccer field.


Based on the study, in the scientific and field research carried out in Organizational Diagnosis I, the averages of the functional areas of the company studied were obtained, being Logistics, Finance, Production and Operations, Administration, Human Resources and Marketing.


Graph 1: Performance measurement by functional areas.

Source: Authors (2020)

The functional areas chart shows the averages of each area, with Logistics and Finance the highest averages, with 4.2 and 4.1 average, respectively. In the areas of Production and Operations, Administration and Human Resources, good averages were obtained, with 3.8; 3.7 and 3.5.

The Marketing area was diagnosed as the most critical area, as it obtained an average of 2.8; the lowest average among the areas raised in the survey.

The graph of average performance per functional area was obtained through an internal and external analysis, aiming to raise the strongest points, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of each area of the company studied.


Table 1: Marketing

Source: Authors (2020)

Table 1, referring to the Marketing area, shows the strengths, averages and lower points of the company studied. It can be seen that the company has a recognition in the market, has competitive prices and has some established customers, but it needs to improve in attracting new customers and know the degree of satisfaction of them. Based on the data obtained in the field, the actions that will be presented for the development of the points shown were elaborated.


Table 2: Interventional Actions

Interventional Actions chronology duration cost
01 Establish an e-commerce for dissemination of products and services. August /2021 15 days R$ 1500,00
02 Enunciate marketing on social networks August / 2021 permanent R$ 1000,00
03 Determine the purchase of software to improve the management of products and services August / 2021 10 days R$ 6000,00
04 Manage the need for training of the software of the sales team, warehouse, tax and financial. September/2021 02 days R$500,00
05 Establish training for the standardization of service delivery September/2021 02 days R$500,00
06 Recognize a motivation and benefits plan September/2021 01 day R$ 450,00
Total 9.950,00

Source: Authors (2021)

The spark of each part of solution, developed through 5w2h tables, and across an administrative checklist with deadlines, responsibility and activities made with clarity, efficiency and benefit for all involved in the purpose.


To be controlled the action, a directed planning is needed, in which it is simple, efficient and effective, which leads to the monitoring of activities and the execution of tasks. It is equivalent to the realization of the action list through the keywords: what: what would be done; why: why would it be done; where: where it was made; When: when would it be done; who: why it would be done; how: how it would be done; how much: how much would it cost to do.

According to Grosbelli (2014, s.p),

5W2H is a tool for the elaboration of action plans, which due to its objectivity, simplicity and action orientation, has been widely used in Project Management, E-commerce Implementation of Products and Services, Strategic Planning and other management disciplines. It is a tool of effective quality in the implementation of actions with fast, practical and easy application to any project models.


Based on the data obtained, it was verified the need to establish for better dissemination of products and services and the capture of new customers an E-commerce.

Table 3: Establish an e-commerce for the dissemination of products and services

Establish an e-commerce for dissemination of products and services
What? It is the marketing of products and services over the Internet.
Why? For greater reach, approach and loyalty with customers
Where? Giralflex
When? First week of August 2021
Who? Commercial Department
How? Need for a survey of products and services to be offered for further cataloguing and dissemination.
How Much? R$ 1.500,00

Source: Authors (2021)


Social networks are tools frequently used today, so the use of them is fundamental to capture new customers and disclose the company.

Table 4: Enunciating marketing on social networks

Enunciate marketing on social networks
What? Expand dissemination and manage information on social networks
Why? For expanding customers in multiple segments and becoming a reference
Where? Giralflex
When? Second week of August 2021
Who? Commercial department, marketing
How? Buying boostin social networks and providing direct and objective service channels.
How Much? R$ 1.000,00

Source: Authors (2021)


The acquisition of software suitable to the company segment will bring improvements in the management of products and services, facilitating the access and organization of each item of the company.

Table 5: Determining the purchase of software to improve the management of products and services

Determine the purchase of software to improve the management of products and services
What? It is an integrated system between sectors that provides information related to products, services, issuance of invoices, collection and receipt
Why? To corroborate the management, attendance and transfer of data to accounting.
Where? Giralflex
When? Third week of August 2021
Who? Commercial, HR, Finance, Warehouse and Marketing Department
How? System training in all sectors involved.
How Much? R$ 6.000,00

Source: Authors (2021)


Train employees in a way that knows the tools inserted in the system, how to find the product or service in it and all the data that is necessary to sell, find in stock and count more easily and practicality.

Table 6: Manage the need for training of the software of the sales team, warehouse, tax and financial

Manage the need for training of the software of the sales team, warehouse, tax and financial
What? System training
Why? To improve performance and interaction between sectors.
Where? Giralflex
When? First week of September 2021
Who? Commercial, Financial, Warehouse and Marketing Department
How? System training in all sectors involved.
How Much? R$ 500,00

Source: Authors (2021)


Having a standardization of the service offered adds value to it, improves the quality of execution, decreases the time and ensures quality in execution, because by standardizing them reduces the risk of error.

Table 7: Establishing training for the standardization of service delivery

Establish training for the standardization of service delivery
What? Standardize service execution
Why? For improvement in quality, productivity.
Where? Giralflex
When? Second week of September 2021
Who? Commercial Department, Production
How? Training on the standardization of services.
How Much? R$ 450,00

Source: Authors (2021)


The motivation and benefits plan contributes to the quality of the products and services offered, because employees will be more motivated and work with higher quality and performance.

 Table 8: Recognizing a motivation and benefits plan

Recognize a motivation and benefits plan
What? It is an integrated system between sectors that provides information related to products, services, issuance of invoices, collection and receipt
Why? To corroborate the management, attendance and transfer of data to accounting.
Where? Giralflex
When? Third week of August 2021
Who? Commercial, HR, Finance, Warehouse and Marketing Department
How? System training in all sectors involved.
How Much? R$ 6.000,00

Source: Authors (2021)


Throughout this research it was noticed that service marketing is a facilitating resource to generate business, since when handled can help in strengthening the company and attract loyal customers in the purchase of products increasing the perspective of the establishment.

A good tool develops the awakening in teamwork, as it is something innovative and provokes new discoveries, positive thoughts and more revolutionary ideas that can raise constructive criticism for the manufacture of the product.

In this sense, the marketing of services and the methodologies proposed and applied makes the company and the product innovative. Awakening in the customer a good marketing in the sale of the product is indispensable. As well as, to lead the customer to realize the constant changes existing in the company and in the quality of the product being offered.

The service marketing tool is a sales facilitator and tends to dialogue between the product and its reality. It is noted that many customers do not attract by marketing that bring security flaws, which present a lot of information, poor layout, processing errors, difficulty and availability in the purchase of a product.

For customers, the use of marketing can help in understanding the product that is being sold in the market in a more sophisticated, innovative, creative and technological way.

Therefore, good service marketing as a facilitator in market strategies is an unusual ally, as it covers various aspects of development (economic and social), which can be instrumentalized anywhere.


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[1] Graduating from the Business Administration course.

[2] Graduating from the Business Administration course.

[3] Graduating from the Business Administration course.

[4] Advisor. Professional master’s degree in production engineering. Specialization in Management in Business Logistics. Graduation in Business Administration with Emphasis in Marketing.

Submitted: April, 2021.

Approved: May, 2021.

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