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The mindset of the management of companies of the future: Contemporary digital administration

This work aims to reflect on administration and management in the digital age. A real situation that cannot be kicked back

Between the thought and the realized: A case study at the Federal University of...

The text is part of the Doctoral research carried out by the Universidad Americana de Asunción/Paraguay that discussed the administration

Analysis of the scientific conduct of the economist, currently, in the use of the...

The Theory of Rational Choice (TER), in the first half of the twentieth century, through a very well-elaborated technical-scientific

Venezuelan immigration as a public sector problem

Venezuela has been experiencing a political, humanitarian and economic crisis since 2013, as a reflection of this crisis, there has been

Diagnosis and proposal of intervention of Knowledge Management practices: Case study in the active...

With the premise that the environment of entrepreneurship and innovation of incubators has its results optimized when there is an

The Municipal Planning Cycle: From the Government Program to the Budget

Planning is essential in any area of life, in public administration it would not be different, however, especially when it comes to municipal

Activities developed by the people management sector of the INSS of Duque de Caxias...

The changes that have occurred in People Management in the public sector are realities in the face of new challenges. This study aims to

Analyzing internal stakeholders in a Higher Education Institution: The case at the Federal University...

Today's organization managers cannot ignore the need to analyze and monitor the interest groups they depend on

The impact of kindness on companies

This study investigates the impacts of kindness on companies. The concepts and types of kindness are shown in the theoretical

The Theatre in contemporary Public Institutions

The right and the performing arts have been together for centuries. The Greek tragedies portrayed the cases presented in the courts demonstrating

From exclusion to the dream of homeownership, an overview of the FNHIS programme in...

The study verified how the population of the city of Rochedo/MS, through a time frame, responded to the social housing intervention

State of Ceará pricing system: advantages and disadvantages for government purchases

This study aimed to analyze the Price Registration System (SRP) of the Government of the State of Ceará, in the period 2008-2012

Education of Brazilian entrepreneurs: an analysis of initial and established business owners

Brazil has a large number of entrepreneurs who have the most varied levels of education. Some undertake out of necessity,

The adoption of systemic thinking in public management: a paradigm shift

In view of the current Brazilian political scenario and the changes in the panorama of public management in the 21ST century, this article aims to present

Organizational Learning in leaders’ performance: what they report to surveys

This review article provides the reader with a synthesis of the study produced, in the period from 2009 to 2019, on organizational learning

The female insertion in the labor market and its implications in the family’s eating...

This article deals with the eating habits of women inserted in the labor market and those who work at home said "from home"

Logistics in agribusiness production chains

The present work is developed under the context of Brazilian agribusiness, more specifically with a focus on the logistics of productive chains

The performance of the courts of Auditors in the exercise of external control over...

This article presents the actions of the courts of Auditors in the exercise of external control over public policies aimed at high school

Artificial intelligence, quantum computation, robotics and Blockchain. What is the reality of these technologies...

In areas such as artificial intelligence, it is necessary to use other types of computers and architectures. For example, in recognition algorithms

Leadership and management of people nowadays

This article aims to address the leadership and management of people nowadays. The study aimed to verify through the study of the review

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