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Management of Costs in Public Administration: A Case Study at Hospital...

Cost accounting gives the manager information of strategic relevance to support the decisions made within the entity



Routine account of creation to Hypertensive group

Pereira, Egle Sousa BARRETO, Genesson dos Santos Pereira, Egle Sousa; BARRETO, Genesson dos Santos - Routine account of creation to hypertensive group.  Multidisciplinary Core...



An analysis of School evaluation in basic education

The assessment of learning is a controversial subject in schools, where one of the main reasons of this controversy is the persistence of ancient

The increasing use of Matrix Structures in public administration

Figura 1 - Processos de Gestão Fonte: Disponível em: . Acesso em: 25 fev de 2018.
The Organizational Matrix, advanced fundamentally as a network of interactions between project teams and the traditional functional components

Use of rubber Waste into asphalt paving: A literature review

According to Bertollo et al., (2000) "the natural environment represents the product of the dynamic interaction of abiotic and biotic processes

The use of new technologies in control of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease (ad) is classified as a neurodegenerative harm that affects cognitive ability of the aged, interfering in behavior

(IN) Compliance of payment card spending of the Federal Government: A...

 Gráfico 3 -Teste de Soma para os gastos com CPGF. Fonte: elaboração própria.
Considering the time of the worst recession in the history of Brazil, of course, means need to be sought in order to reverse the negative results and one of the important factors to be taken into consideration

The mother-child Bond in light of psychoanalysis and the film "we...

This article discusses the construction of the mother-child bond in light of psychoanalysis. To this end, we covered the notions of motherhood

Effectiveness of Hidroterapeutica Assistance in the patient after surgery of Anterior...

Figura 1: Joelho lesionado no primeiro dia de atendimento, evidenciando o edema/dados da pesquisa.
The knee is an intermediate articulation of the lower limb and is considered unstable bone's point of view. As the ligament and muscular system

Inclusive education in a critical view of the curriculum: Currícul, culture...

This article has as its main purpose to analyze and present research conducted through references to support

Effect of pumpkin seed Intake Cucurbita l. maximum on the lipid...

Figura 1: Efeito da administração de semente de abóbora em ratos Wistar machos hipercolesterolêmicos. Os valores para as variáveis colesterol total, HDL, LDL, VLDL, TGS e glicemia são expressos em mg/dl. * p< 0,05. HDL: lipoproteína de alta densidade, LDL: lipoproteína de baixa densidade; VLDL: lipoproteína de densidade intermediária; TGS: triglicérides.
Phytotherapy and the use of plants for medicinal purposes are part of the practice of folk medicine, being a set of knowledge and beliefs

Contemporary problems of education: School and Family

Figura 1. Fonte:
The Brazilian educational system has been suffering in recent years, change it, advances in some aspects, but also leverage problems in education

Socioafetivo kinship families Reconstituted and Legal reflections with the recognition of...

The bond created by daily life, relationship of affection, companionship, dedication, donation between parents and children become empowered in society.

Discussions about gender violence in Brazil

This work analyzes the gender violence that affects women worldwide and is rooted in cultural tradition, in social organization