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Exemplo parcial da tabela dos acompanhados das execuções, que consta na Agenda Regulatória De 2014 da ANAC

Transparency and benchmarking as tools to promote social participation in the...

The Superintendency of the Manaus free Zone (Suframa) is a federal authority responsible for acting on behalf of the regional development of all the Western Amazon


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Soroepidemiológica Retrospective Analysis of Dengue virus in the municipality of Marituba,...

FREITAS, Heldimar Soares de , FARIAS, Selma Ferreira de Freitas , FECURY, Amanda Alves , DIAS, Cláudio Alberto Gellis de Mattos ,MOREIRA, Elizangela Claudia...



Efficacy and safety of maxillary sinus lifting with various types of...

Context: Edentulous patients under the use of removable prosthesis face important restrictions, including sociocultural ones and, for this reason

The Theatre in contemporary Public Institutions

The right and the performing arts have been together for centuries. The Greek tragedies portrayed the cases presented in the courts demonstrating

Capture, treatment and reuse of gray and rainwater in single-family residence

The objective of this work is to present a bibliographic review, the subject of which is the reuse of water by rain, as well as the reuse

The history of education and scientific research in Brazil

The current article discusses the historical transformations of teaching activity in Brazil as well as its participation in academic-scientific research

The relationship between public international law and petroleum law: Study of...

This article aims to analyze the Law of the Sea and Petroleum to understand the reasons that generated, for more than a decade, the conflict between

Yellow Fever and the constant need for epidemiological surveillance

Objective: to unveil the factors that justify the importance of efficient epidemiological surveillance for the control of yellow fever in the country

The nurse’s competencies in relation to the mobile emergency care service...

Introduction: In Brazil, emergency and emergency care networks are supported and regulated by the unified health system,

Dimensioning of staff of the municipal hospital, Outpatient and UPA of...

The present work seeks to discuss the reduction of costs in the staff of the Municipal Hospital from the Outpatient Clinic

The professionals of teaching and Burnout Syndrome: The basis of predictor...

The theme that generates for the study refers to Burnout Syndrome and its consequences as well as its relationship with the daily life of teaching professionals

Uncompressed cardiomyopathy: case report and proposal for systematization of nursing care

Uncompressed cardiomyopathy (MCN) is a type of malformation related to genetic factors that can result in severe hemodynamic changes

Understanding the obsessive-compulsive disorder: A book review

The following article has as objective present the principal theories that explain the obsessive-compulsive disorder. These theories includes the biological

Peltophorum dubium fruit processing influence on germination

Peltophorum dubium has gained economical relevance to its uses in forest plantations and agroforestry systems, but seedling production
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