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O processo de mudança é difícil para o colaborador

Resistance to change restrictive factor to organizational development-case study in a...

Organizational culture is a solid base of corporate principles and ideals that are the soul of the modern enterprise. Organizational culture encompasses a set of perceptions, thoughts and feelings common to stand out in the workplace, extrapolating the physical boundaries of the Organization and influencing the macro environment in which the company is inserted.


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Alternative in the Aesthetic Treatment of the Skin Using Chemical Peeling

The skin undergoes an aging process that may be precocious due to various factors or physiological, however, it worries many individuals



Dimensioning of staff of the municipal hospital, Outpatient and UPA of...

The present work seeks to discuss the reduction of costs in the staff of the Municipal Hospital from the Outpatient Clinic

Uncompressed cardiomyopathy: case report and proposal for systematization of nursing care

Uncompressed cardiomyopathy (MCN) is a type of malformation related to genetic factors that can result in severe hemodynamic changes

Understanding the obsessive-compulsive disorder: A book review

The following article has as objective present the principal theories that explain the obsessive-compulsive disorder. These theories includes the biological

Peltophorum dubium fruit processing influence on germination

Peltophorum dubium has gained economical relevance to its uses in forest plantations and agroforestry systems, but seedling production

State of Ceará pricing system: advantages and disadvantages for government purchases

This study aimed to analyze the Price Registration System (SRP) of the Government of the State of Ceará, in the period 2008-2012

Acupuncture in prevention, treatment of injuries and improvement of performance in...

Studies have shown that acupuncture improves physical performance in professional athletes, but the big problem is sports injuries

Nancy Fraser’s theory of justice as a contribution to the analysis...

This article seeks the presentation of the formulation of social justice appointed by the American political philosopher Nancy Fraser through which

Massotherapy with balls: history and application technique

Massotherapy has been used to the logo of the existence of humanity for various purposes and there are different types of massage ranging from the classic

The adoption of systemic thinking in public management: a paradigm shift

In view of the current Brazilian political scenario and the changes in the panorama of public management in the 21ST century, this article aims to present

Electromyography study of trunk muscles in patients with temporomandibular disorders

The human muscular system presents a set of structures acting in association and interacting between itself, reflecting clinically in the stomatognathic

Reflective teacher: from theory to a new university

By introducing the concept of reflective teacher, some criticism arises to technical rationality, highlighting his inability to deal with

Over The Top: Impacts on the networks of small internet access...

The Internet represents a transformative force of paradigms, making everyday situations such as how to watch movies and interact
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