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Leadership and management of people nowadays

This article aims to address the leadership and management of people nowadays. The study aimed to verify through the study of the review


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Evaluation of regulatory standards on labeling and packaging of pharmaceutical products

The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) aims to promote the health of the population through the regulation of



Early childhood: The new government agenda

Institutional care for small children, throughout the history of the world, Latin America and Brazil, presented several

Epidemiological profile of patients served due to official accidents in the...

Ophidian accidents are a significant public health problem worldwide, due to both their frequency and morbidity and mortality

Neuropsychology and differential diagnosis in cognitive declines and demoralprocesses in the...

In order to review the literature on cognitive decline in aging, normal and pathological and the role of evaluation

Human myiasis: Clinical case

Myiasis is considered a dermatozoonosis infestation caused by infestation of dipteran larvae in tissues or organs, which deposit

Keratistic Odontogenic Tumor: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Odontogenic tumors are neoplasms that develop in the region of the gnathic bones, originating from the odontogenic tissues

Risk factors for systemic arterial hypertension: Evaluation of the effectiveness of...

Systemic Arterial Hypertension is the most frequent of cardiovascular diseases and responds as the main risk factor

An interdisciplinary view of AIDS in the 1980s: On stage, Journalism...

This article presents Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS, in Portuguese, or AIDS) when it is

A study on spirituality in health care from a theological perspective

Studies on the relationship between spirituality and health are recurrent themes in academic research. However, little is said about

Spirituality in the context of health science

Context: Academic research on spirituality and health has been the themes of pesqui-sas in the areas of health and religion

Spirituality and morality in the practice of teachers

Context: Scientific research on moral development in education has gained ground in the wheels of debates and research

 Spirituality: A pedagogical resource in the practice of child care in...

Context: Throughout human history, it is common to find the relationship between education, health and spirituality. Currently, the discussion

A statistical analysis of spirituality among health professionals of a Hospital...

Context: there are still few studies that use quantitative methods on care practice among health professionals
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