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Nancy Fraser’s theory of justice as a contribution to the analysis...

This article seeks the presentation of the formulation of social justice appointed by the American political philosopher Nancy Fraser

The adoption of systemic thinking in public management: a paradigm shift

In view of the current Brazilian political scenario and the changes in the panorama of public management in the 21ST century, this article aims to present

Electromyography study of trunk muscles in patients with temporomandibular disorders

The human muscular system presents a set of structures acting in association and interacting between itself, reflecting clinically in the stomatognathic

Over The Top: Impacts on the networks of small internet access...

The Internet represents a transformative force of paradigms, making everyday situations such as how to watch movies and interact

The female insertion in the labor market and its implications in...

This article deals with the eating habits of women inserted in the labor market and those who work at home said "from home"

Logistics in agribusiness production chains

The present work is developed under the context of Brazilian agribusiness, more specifically with a focus on the logistics of productive chains

Rethinking the future of water on our planet

Considered the most important, precious and indispensable liquid for the survival of human life on Earth, water has been motive

The performance of the courts of Auditors in the exercise of...

This article presents the actions of the courts of Auditors in the exercise of external control over public policies aimed at high school

Electrolifting as an alternative in the treatment of stretch marks

Striae are acquired skin atrophies that arise when the elastic and collagen fibers rupture and form "scars". They can cause an impact

A reflection on the ethnomathematics of the bricklayer and the school...

This article reflects on Ethnomathematics, analyzes interviews with a group of bricklayers and sellers of construction material from the municipalities of Mercedes

Ethnomathematics: A reflection on the mathematics used by bricklayers

This article is a result of reflections on ethnomathematics and Analysis of study sessions conducted with Bricklayers in the municipality of Mercedes – PR.

Reflection on Ethnomathematics as a pedagogical possibility

This article reflects on ethnomathematics as a tendency of teaching that considers the cultural nature of mathematical learning
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