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Clay therapy: Facial treatment with red clay in mature skins

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RIBEIRO, Gabrielle de Oliveira [1], SILVA, Carlena Sinara Martins da [2]

RIBEIRO, Gabrielle de Oliveira. SILVA, Carlena Sinara Martins da. Clay therapy: Facial treatment with red clay in mature skins. Revista Científica Multidisciplinar Núcleo do Conhecimento. Year 05, Ed. 11, Vol. 06, pp. 155-165. November 2020. ISSN: 2448-0959, Access link:


Red clay has long been used for aesthetic treatments in the form of a face mask, in its formulation it is rich in iron and copper that aid in cellular respiration and has as characteristic is extremely soft, resulting in a revitalized, hydrated, oilless and soft skin, consequently with a younger appearance and lines of softened expressions. Thus, the present work has the purpose of showing in case report, the applications made with the facial mask of red clay in pasty form in the sanitized facial area, left to act for 20 to 25 minutes and removed with warm water. The results were collected through photographs and an applied questionnaire, the effects of red clay on mature skins, in the facial region, aiming at the expression lines, their correct mode of use and the time to have a satisfactory result. Therefore, providing the information necessary for other people to know the benefits of red clay will be a great advance and encourage the population to seek in a natural way to treat the expression lines, enabling the use of the face mask and improving the self-esteem of the same.

Keywords: Case report, red clay, expression lines, face mask, mature skins.


Clays are dusty materials, with crystalline particles and fine granulation, composed of: iron, copper, aluminum, silicon, calcium, titanium, magnesium and others that have benefits sought in the aesthetic environment. Red clay has the function of stimulating collagen production, increasing skin elasticity and improving the marks of expression lines, has a high absorption power eliminating any deposit of dirt on the face, reduces oil and other impurities leaving the skin looking soft and velvety (SANTOS, 1989; VIEIRA et al., 2003; BONOTTO, 2009).

According to Ribeiro (2010), red clay is enriched with iron oxide containing tensor properties, and can be used as a facial mask in aesthetic treatments, having as proposal to treat patients with mature skin, aiming at areas such as expression lines, spots, skin whitening, collagen stimulation among other benefits. Zague (2007) states that Cleopatra, known as the ancient Egyptian goddess, had a habit of caring for beauty using clays as facial masks for skin conservation. There are reports that it was Pompeii, who developed the face mask to prevent the skin against ultraviolet action and daily aggressions, causing her skin to look delicacy and care.

Currently even with technological advances there are still searches for natural treatment, aiming at the natural active ingredients that are present in the formulations that contribute to aesthetic procedures and for the reason of not presenting so many reactions on the face and aggressions such as skin dryness. However, the objective is to report a case of evaluating the effects of red clay on mature skin specifically in expression lines, qualifying red clay as a plausible product in aesthetic treatments and having a satisfactory result also in the patient’s self-esteem, since the brand of expression lines becomes an inesage and a reason for people to seek more and more aesthetic procedures.


The work was carried out in the municipality of Santarém – PA, as a case report, taking as reference the operational standard CNS 001 of 2013 and circular letter 166/2018 CONEP. With female and male patients, older than 40 years, healthy, without chronic diseases or amenities, red clay was applied as a facial mask, checking the time of 20 to 25 minutes seeking results in lines of expression.

The procedure was based on sessions of applications of red clay, the facial mask made of clay powder and warm water, was applied to the patient’s face with the aid of a brush covering the entire facial region with the product in the form of pasty clay, giving a time of 20 to 25 minutes, removing it from the face with warm water.

The application of the aesthetic procedure was carried out in a specific room, in the Aesthetic clinic T R F DE ANDRADE, thus avoided all kinds of constraints among patients, there were also no interferences in the routine of the aesthetic clinic because the room is reserved only for this type of application and the space was granted in non-commercial hours, thus reserving the confidentiality of the patient, besides being able to develop the research and to meet any problems resulting from it as recommended by the Operational Standard of CNS 001/2013.

The displacement of the participants had no cost to them, being paid by the researcher all the necessary costs for transportation, such as: uber. Through respect to all biosafety standards, such as: Use of mask and gloves, also with sterilized material to avoid any type of contamination.

Thus, in all stages, the recording was performed by means of photography in patient 1, male and patient 2, woman (figures 1, 2 and 3), after the third application (figure 2) the patients already observed improvements in the lines of expressions, proving the effectiveness of the same, in the 6 application (figure 3) a big difference was observed for figure 1 , it is observed that the lines of expressions are more smoothed giving a younger appearance.

Figure 1 – Facial area before facial mask applications, the visible marks of expression lines located in the corner of the eyes are observed in patient 1, male and patient 2.

Source: personal archive

Figure 2 – Third application of red clay in patients, it is noted in patient 1, male, who in the main area of application already presents a result since Figure 1, it can be affirmed that there was a result of minimization in the area of the corner of the eyes. In patient 2, woman, noting in the corner of the eyes where the lines of expressions stand out more as we see in Figure 1, it is already possible to see a difference in the marking of lines of expressions. Both patient 1 and patient 2 obtained an expected result with red clay.

Source: personal archive

Figure 3 – Sixth application of red clay and last session, a satisfactory result is noted. Patient 1, male, minimized the lines of expressions not being visible, appearing a younger and less tired skin. Patient 2, woman, we can see a satisfactory result in the desired area, with the total minimization of lines of expressions appearing a younger skin without remnants of marks, so it can be proven that red clay acts on mature skins exclusively in lines of expressions.

Source: personal archive

We observed in the photographs (Figures 1, 2 and 3), the minimization of the lines of expressions in the area of the corner of the eyes.

Patient 1, male, in Figure 1 we can observe the facial area with clearly visible marks of lines of expressions, in Figure 2, third application, we see that the lines of expressions are more smoothed, already being able to say that the treatment is having the objective reached, finally in Figure 3, sixth application, it is possible to notice a significant difference in the desired area, appearing without lines of expressions and much younger since Figure 1 , it is concluded that the applications were effective and that it can be used for facial treatment.

Patient 2, woman, we observed that the lines of expressions are very remarkable leaving the appearance of tired and aged skin. With the red clay that is specific for mature skins, we observed in Figure 2 already a difference while the expression lines, already bringing an aspect of younger and less grotesque, in Figure 3, we report the sixth and last application, where we can say that the red clay acted on the expression lines leaving the skin unmarkable and younger.

However, in the first photograph (figure 1) we observed striking facial expressions, aged-looking skin, after the first application of the facial mask was more smoothed by the reason that red clay relaxes the area and began to act on the specific points when absorbed by the skin (DORNELLAS and MARTINS, 2013).

In the second photograph (figure 2), we can see the lines of more smoothed expressions, less marked in the area of the corner of the eyes helping in the uniformization of the skin looking younger as it said (DORNELLAS and MARTINS, 2013) that the red clay has a softening and rejuvenating action.

In the third photograph (figure 3) it is concluded that red clay acts on the skin specifically in the lines of expressions proving the efficacy of red clay for aesthetic treatment, it is no longer possible to see dynamic wrinkles in the corner of the patients’ eyes as shown in Figure 1.

Table 1: Patient satisfaction after completion of the protocol with red clay

Questions Patient Response 1 Patient Answers 2
Was there an improvement in the expression lines? Yes Yes
Did you feel the skin softened? Yes Yes
How do you qualify the lines of expressions in the eye area after the applications of the face mask made of red clay? Great Great
Has the treatment caused any change in your life? Yes Yes
In what respects has there been change? Improves expression lines Improvement in Self-Esteem
Have you had any allergic reactions during or after applications? No No
Would you do the red clay treatment again? Yes Yes
Would you pay for the treatment? Yes Yes
Would you point out this treatment to someone? Yes Yes

Source: Patient Satisfaction Form

In the questionnaire applied, patient 1 shows his satisfaction with the treatment, reports that there was a difference in his skin, in addition to improvement in the lines of expressions and that he would do it again as he would indicate the treatment. Patient 2 shows that there was an improvement in self-esteem and observed the difference in the lines of expressions after the applications of red clay and portrayed that she would do it again as well as indicate to the other person the treatment. The result obtained is of great relevance to society, because it presented clear results in patients such as minimizing the lines of expressions appearing a younger, rejuvenated and hydrated skin. Red clay is a natural product with a very low financial cost and can be used by all social classes.


The results of the study related to facial aesthetics and clay use have shown that clay brings great benefits to the skin, especially on the face. According to Limas (2010), clay can be used as an aesthetic treatment aiming at a treatment that aims at a more beautiful and healthy skin in a natural way, without the use of cosmetics and chemicals.

Sampaio (2008) states that red clay is effective because of its mineral elements that aid in the cellular vibration of the skin bringing rejuvenating benefits to the skin and leaving the appearance of younger. The aforementioned author (2015), in his study on the use of clay and facial aesthetic treatment, also showed that clay has soothing effects. Therefore, in the expression lines it is possible to use red clay to search for results in minimizing it and appear ing younger skin.

The researchers Dornellas and Martins (2013), mention that clays have their characteristics according to their colors, so red clay because it is rich in iron-iron, has a regenerating action in order to smooth dynamic wrinkles and bring to which seeks a result of younger and invigorated skin. The red clay has in its composition the power of regeneration and calming bringing with it the delay in aging, as we see in the work the result in the lines of expressions were visible to the point of confirming that the red clay acts on the lines of expression regenerating and bringing the appearance of younger to the patient (MASCKIEWIC, 2014).

Lamaita (2014), showed in his study that clay has in its properties the way it will minimize the lines of expressions on the skin, being absorbed in aqueous medium facilitating the entry of its elements and then bringing the result expected by the patient.

According to Dornellas and Martins (2013), clay has important properties, due to the ionic exchanges that occur between its free electrons (Ferro ions) it is recommended that it be applied in an aqueous way to facilitate absorption in the skin. It has property that is fundamental in aesthetic treatments specifically in lines of expressions. Having a satisfactory result as seen in the course of the work. Also according to Dornellas and Martins (2013) red clay regulates the skin and consequently renews the cellular part, is also revitalizing, nourishing and moisturizing, eliminates free radicals and thus slows aging and assists in smoothing expression marks.

Sposito et al. (2003) states that the clay in contact with water has its entry facilitated in the skin, and can then be used as a facial mask and being administered with the necessary time it is possible to obtain a result. In this case report, red clay was used as a pasty facial mask made to mix with water, thus having the entrance facilitated in the epidermis cell and dermis, allowing a satisfactory result in the area desired by the patients.

Therefore, one of the main elements of red clay is iron being one of the main elements present in clay, because of its role of cellular and rejuvenating breathing, for this reason we obtained visible results both in patient 1 and in patient 2, as in the studies (MEDEIROS, 2007).

It is verified in the authors studied that the effects of clay are directly associated with the treatment of the expression line, so with the correct application it can be obtained excellent results, as was done in this case report. The reading of the authors researched leads us to conclude that, despite recognizing the properties of clay, it is essential to apply the right clay on the skin to better propose the correct application of the product and administer the appropriate treatment.


Considering the set of articles that characterized the theme of the use of red clay for facial aesthetic procedures, it was possible to evaluate that it is effective in its applications, it can be affirmed that for aesthetic treatment it is effective. In the aesthetic branch it can achieve satisfactory results in its procedures by associating the applications with the correct use of clay. The purpose of this case report was to show the action of clay in patient 1 and patient 2 and affirm through applications of face masks, that clay has efficacy due to its functions and minerals present, and may bring satisfactory results to those who use it, because it can be used to prevent aging and consequently resum the luminosity of the skin. In the results of this case report it was possible to see in patient 1 the significant response of the treatment, because the minimization in the expression lines occurred considerably bringing to the patient a younger appearance, in patient 2 it was also possible to report a satisfactory result with the use of the mask, bringing to the woman an improvement in self-esteem and having the positive response by treatment. Red clay has been increasingly used in the area of aesthetics due to its numerous properties and functions, being used for skin treatments. For the use of these masks to be valued, it is necessary to master basic information about the product to be used and the basic procedures that accompany them. Therefore, the application of the face mask showed results in the minimization of expression line, besides improving the overall health of the skin.


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[1] Student.

[2] Guidance counselor. PhD in progress in Biodiversity and Biotechnology Network Of The Legal Amazon – Bionorte. Master’s degree in Bioscience. Specialization in Aesthetic Pharmacy. Specialization in Clinical Pharmacology. Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy.

Submitted: November, 2020.

Approved: November, 2020.

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Carlena Sinara Martins da Silva

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