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Dimensioning of staff of the municipal hospital, Outpatient and UPA of the Municipality of...

The present work seeks to discuss the reduction of costs in the staff of the Municipal Hospital from the Outpatient Clinic

Uncompressed cardiomyopathy: case report and proposal for systematization of nursing care

Uncompressed cardiomyopathy (MCN) is a type of malformation related to genetic factors that can result in severe hemodynamic changes

Acupuncture in prevention, treatment of injuries and improvement of performance in athletes: Literature review

Studies have shown that acupuncture improves physical performance in professional athletes, but the big problem is sports injuries

Massotherapy with balls: history and application technique

Massotherapy has been used to the logo of the existence of humanity for various purposes and there are different types of massage ranging from the classic

Electromyography study of trunk muscles in patients with temporomandibular disorders

The human muscular system presents a set of structures acting in association and interacting between itself, reflecting clinically in the stomatognathic

Electrolifting as an alternative in the treatment of stretch marks

Striae are acquired skin atrophies that arise when the elastic and collagen fibers rupture and form "scars". They can cause an impact

Frequency Of Aids Cases Identified In Brazil Between 2012 And 2016

Introduction: Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by a virus. Reproduction of this invader in the body causes failure of the defense system.

The use of new technologies in control of Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease (ad) is classified as a neurodegenerative harm that affects cognitive ability of the aged, interfering in behavior
Figura 1: Joelho lesionado no primeiro dia de atendimento, evidenciando o edema/dados da pesquisa.

Effectiveness of Hidroterapeutica Assistance in the patient after surgery of Anterior Cruciate Ligament

The knee is an intermediate articulation of the lower limb and is considered unstable bone's point of view. As the ligament and muscular system

Ergonomics in Brazil: comparison between the Anglo-Saxon and French

The present work has as theme ergonomics in Brazil: comparison between the Anglo-Saxon and French. The specific objective is to describe the two ergonomias

Palliative care in cancer patients

The therapeutic treatment along with the most appropriate palliative care will depend on the type of cancer, the extent of disease
Figura 1: Resultados da pesquisa.

Quality of life of patients with Rett syndrome

Between the end of the Decade of 1950 and the early 1960, two European doctors, in different situations and circumstances, started to recognize
Gráfico 3: Valores referentes à quantificação de desconforto e/ou dor através da Escala Visual Analógica (EVA).

The application of the technique of Percutaneous Diafibrólise on range of motion associated with...

Knowledge has become the watchword in our days and academic research has raised and contributed much to the development and improvement

Burnout Syndrome in Professors 

Burnout syndrome it is a serious problem that currently reaches professionals who maintains constant contact with people

The Success of the communication in the course of Evidence-based Nursing

Communication is understood as a process of transmission and understanding of information. Opportunities for Messaging.
Gráfico – Sobre conhecimento da doença do paciente cuidado. Fonte: Pesquisadora, setembro de 2015.

Care for the Caregiver: an experiment with the caretaker of the hospitalized patients in...

This article aims to analyse the importance of the role of the Social services by the caregiver of a patient in the emergency room

Analysis of Infection prevention measures related to the Perioperative healthcare, 2017 – Anvisa: what...

During hospitalization, the client/user, exposed to this environment, is susceptible to develop infectious processes
Figura 1 – Miningite Bacteriana Fisiopatologia. Fonte: (3)

Laboratory evaluation of Patients with Meningitis: differential diagnosis between Bacterial and Viral Meningitis

The meningitis is inflammation of the meninges (pia mater, dura mater and arachnoid), several factors may lead an individual to develop meningitis
Figura 1 - Distribuição espacial das taxas de casos confirmados de Dengue por 100  mil habitantes dos municípios do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil, no período de Janeiro a Maio de 2015.

Exploratory spatial data analysis of Dengue fever in the State of São Paulo

Dengue is an acute febrile, which affects the man, being considered a public health problem in the world. The Arbovirus is genus Flavivirus

Low intensity Laser therapy on the healing of Pressure sores in patients from ICU

Pressure injuries (LPP) are defined as all integumentary lesion caused by unrelieved pressure and can lead to tissue necrosis.

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