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Profile of users of the oral health service in Commander Levy Gasparian/RJ

The health of teeth and the oral cavity affects people's quality of life, as it interferes with the ability to eat, communicate, aesthetics

Keratistic Odontogenic Tumor: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Odontogenic tumors are neoplasms that develop in the region of the gnathic bones, originating from the odontogenic tissues

Bucomaxillofacial prosthesis procedures after surgical treatment of neoplasia: Case report

In the face of malignant head and neck neoformations, mucoepidermoid carcinoma is one of the manifestations of great occurrence

Parendodontic Surgery with Biomaterial Graft and use of platelet-rich fibrin system (PRF): Case report

When a patient undergoes dental treatments that do not result in positive effects and as a result of these facts begins to run

Efficacy and safety of maxillary sinus lifting with various types of grafting with implants...

Context: Edentulous patients under the use of removable prosthesis face important restrictions, including sociocultural ones and, for this reason

Relationship Between Cross-Bite and Chewing Type in Children: A Review

It is important to conclude that cross-bite treatment should be performed as early as possible. This includes a psychological assessment

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