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Digital Impressions In Total Rehabilitations: The Accuracy Of Digital Impression Techniques And Digital Workflow...

Introduction: Impression for complete rehabilitation (CR) on implants can be complex and presented in a variety of limitations, including...

Features And Dental Approach In Alagille Syndrome: Case Report

Alagille syndrome (AS) is an autosomal dominant, multi-siemic, complex and infrequent disease with great variation in the penetrance of...

Bilateral comminuted mandible fracture by firearm: A clinical case report

The most common causes of mandibular fracture are car accidents, physical aggressions, falls and accidents in the removal of teeth

Immunological aspects related to diseases incident in dental practice: Literature review

The microbiome of the human body houses an extensive community of microorganisms that interact with the host

Profile of users of the oral health service in Comendador Levy Gasparian/RJ

The health of teeth and the oral cavity affects people's quality of life, as it interferes with the ability to eat, communicate, aesthetics

D-Ptfe Cytoplast® membranes in guided bone regeneration in implantology

The vertical bone increase of the alveolar rim is important to obtain good results in rehabilitation with prostheses on implants

Keratistic Odontogenic Tumor: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Odontogenic tumors are neoplasms that develop in the region of the gnathic bones, originating from the odontogenic tissues

Bucomaxillofacial prosthesis procedures after surgical treatment of neoplasia: Case report

In the face of malignant head and neck neoformations, mucoepidermoid carcinoma is one of the manifestations of great occurrence

Parendodontic Surgery with Biomaterial Graft and use of platelet-rich fibrin system (PRF): Case report

When a patient undergoes dental treatments that do not result in positive effects and as a result of these facts begins to run

Efficacy and safety of maxillary sinus lifting with various types of grafting with implants...

Context: Edentulous patients under the use of removable prosthesis face important restrictions, including sociocultural ones and, for this reason

Relationship Between Cross-Bite and Chewing Type in Children: A Review

It is important to conclude that cross-bite treatment should be performed as early as possible. This includes a psychological assessment
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