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Probability, control chart applied to educational science software

The present study mentions the reduction of variability and losses due to special causes in applications of the educational sciences, having...

Numeral Proportion Calculation

In 2011, a mathematical logical observation was made by this author and has been studied since then, this logic concerns that any and all

“Difference between squares” in the Pythagorean Theorem

This article aims to show applications of the content of the Pythagorean Theorem in the construction of knowledge in the classroom...

Empty set considerations in light of the definition of inclusion between sets

The article analyzes the empty set from the point of view of its inclusion in any set that has element, reaching the conclusion divergent...

Demonstration of the Beal Conjecture

This article contains demonstrations using principles of algebra and number theory, regarding the conjecture was announced by Andrew Beal...

Games and their contribution to learning mathematics

The discipline of mathematics is seen by students in a fearful way, difficult to understand and that the contents are complex

Demonstration of the conjecture of the imperfect odd number

Among about 48 open problems (Conjectures) of mathematics in the area of Number Theory, the Conjecture of Perfect Odd Numbers
Figura 11: Construções com o geoplano

The use of the Geoboard in teaching Geometry: calculating area and Perimeter

Today, we live in a kind of this increasingly focused on technological advances, and the meet is required

Mathematical logic for the elementary school

The Logical Mathematician comprises a set of techniques, methods and procedures, organized, organized, triggered and, sequentially structured through the interactions between the multiple Functional Intelligences

Mathematical education: digital tools in learning

One of the main challenges of mathematics education must be capture the interest of students and thus motivate your own experience with math

A look at Psychology in mathematics

The teaching of Mathematics can be worked in a practical way making your study less complex for students of basic education.

The value of the numbers

Throughout human history man has followed form at the rules imposed by the current system and when it is at a crossroads invents amazing, rules high degree of creativity, but of little efficacy since their solutions lie in the imaginary plane of reality, purely based on rules, not on rational principles.
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