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A reflection on the ethnomathematics of the bricklayer and the school mathematics

This article reflects on Ethnomathematics, analyzes interviews with a group of bricklayers and sellers of construction material from the municipalities of Mercedes

Ethnomathematics: A reflection on the mathematics used by bricklayers

This article is a result of reflections on ethnomathematics and Analysis of study sessions conducted with Bricklayers in the municipality of Mercedes – PR.

Reflection on Ethnomathematics as a pedagogical possibility

This article reflects on ethnomathematics as a tendency of teaching that considers the cultural nature of mathematical learning

The use of games for teaching English as a second language

Assessing the current teaching practices and even observing historically methodological aspects, the students nowadays face an extreme difficulty to develop

The difficulties of the person with attention deficit disorder in adult life

This article will discuss the attention deficit disorder-TDA in adult life. Its objective is to identify the difficulties encountered

An analysis of School evaluation in basic education

The assessment of learning is a controversial subject in schools, where one of the main reasons of this controversy is the persistence of ancient

Inclusive education in a critical view of the curriculum: Currícul, culture and Include a...

This article has as its main purpose to analyze and present research conducted through references to support
Figura 1. Fonte: www.deltanobre.com.br

Contemporary problems of education: School and Family

The Brazilian educational system has been suffering in recent years, change it, advances in some aspects, but also leverage problems in education

Constructivist Playful learning during literacy and literacy

The evolution of playful activity is related to the whole development of the child, learning with the world playing enjoyable way and with joy

Literary reading: the practice of Literary Reading as an integral Activity in the process...

Literature is fiction, the re-creation of a reality, through words. This combination reveals the individual writer way interpret reality

The Deaf in society listener: A case of inclusion or exclusion?

Often we encounter in our daily lives with a not too common situation: two deaf people talking, making use of sign language

The importance of educational games to teach math to Deaf and listeners

. The inclusion of deaf students in public schools has been discussion among many teachers, because in General, they say they have not received
Figure 1: Shows the number of unanswered questions in theoretical and practical pre-assessments and in post-theoretical and practical assessments.

Practical Experiences in a Classroom as a Learning Aid in the Component Mineral Concentration...

According to the Law of Brazilian National Curricular Guidelines for Basic Education in the part that talks about the National Curricular Guidelines
Graph 1 - Shows the number of students enrolled per course per year.

Graduates Registered and Number of Dropouts in the College Technological Courses of the Federal...

The institution of higher education (college) has the social function of generating higher level knowledge to enable the functioning of society.

Faculty profile, and the diversity of Brazil's official language

In Brazil more than 200 languages spoken, each region has multiple variants that determines the social inheritance of the subject

The importance of creativity: case study on Different approaches to story-telling Story in children's...

The early childhood education in the educational context of combining caregiving to educate is a process of recent history in Brazil and within that reality

Public policies in education: quality of education and University reform

This research is only a theoretical essay on the quality of higher education and the University reform, which seeks to discuss how is the quality

Didactic: A Dialectic in the formation of the educator in the Teaching of higher...

The word originates from Greek Didactic techné didaktiké which translates to teach art. In which the first ideas have emerged in Central Europe.

The inclusion of different Social Context: the duty of all

The deficiency should be treated as a concrete theme, as is a reality throughout the world. All parents expect kids healthy and perfect
Figure 4 - Ana Mendieta, Untitled (Volcano Series no.2), 1979. Lifetime color photograph 13.25 x 20 inches (33.7 x 50.8 cm). [http://www.galerielelong.com/artist/ana-mendieta]

How Ana Mendietas’s Crisis of Identity Is Reflected In The Siluetas Series 

Ana Mendieta (18 November 1948, Havana-Cuba – 8 September 1985 New York- USA) was an American – Cuban artist who worked with many different medias and materials focusing specially on performance. This discussion intend to focus in her work Siluetas Series (1973-1980)

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