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The history of education and scientific research in Brazil

The current article discusses the historical transformations of teaching activity in Brazil as well as its participation in academic-scientific research

The professionals of teaching and Burnout Syndrome: The basis of predictor variables and the...

The theme that generates for the study refers to Burnout Syndrome and its consequences as well as its relationship with the daily life of teaching professionals

Nancy Fraser’s theory of justice as a contribution to the analysis of affirmative action...

This article seeks the presentation of the formulation of social justice appointed by the American political philosopher Nancy Fraser through which

Reflective teacher: from theory to a new university

By introducing the concept of reflective teacher, some criticism arises to technical rationality, highlighting his inability to deal with

Approximations between indicators of scientific literacy and experimental activity proposed in textbook of the...

The article proposes the application of a Didactic Sequence (SD), of an experimental activity that addresses the theme "The senses", in science teaching

The transcendental dimension in pianistic practice: a transpersonal integrative approach

This article is a clipping of a master's research in Interpretive Practices/Piano, which investigated the pianist's self-awareness in relation to

A reflection on the ethnomathematics of the bricklayer and the school mathematics

This article reflects on Ethnomathematics, analyzes interviews with a group of bricklayers and sellers of construction material from the municipalities of Mercedes

Ethnomathematics: A reflection on the mathematics used by bricklayers

This article is a result of reflections on ethnomathematics and Analysis of study sessions conducted with Bricklayers in the municipality of Mercedes – PR.

Reflection on Ethnomathematics as a pedagogical possibility

This article reflects on ethnomathematics as a tendency of teaching that considers the cultural nature of mathematical learning

The teacher’s performance and the relationship of affectivity and learning from the perspective of...

The study addresses the theme of the relationship of affectivity and learning. It cites the importance of the teacher's performance in this context. Addresses that affectivity

Evaluation in teacher training institutions: reflexive, constructive, democratic and emancipating evaluative forms

Evaluation is one of the main competencies of the teaching process that extrapolates the classroom. Vocational education institutions

The use of games for teaching English as a second language

Assessing the current teaching practices and even observing historically methodological aspects, the students nowadays face an extreme difficulty to develop

The difficulties of the person with attention deficit disorder in adult life

This article will discuss the attention deficit disorder-TDA in adult life. Its objective is to identify the difficulties encountered

Linguistic variation as an object and objective of language teaching

It is known that the teaching of Portuguese language is often restricted in using normative grammar, characterized by tracing right and wrong.

The importance of the English language in the EJA – practices and identity of...

Este trabalho explana a importância da aprendizagem em língua inglesa na Educação de Jovens e Adultos. A influência que esse idioma desempenha nas

Karl Marx and Antônio Gramsci: Theories that complement each other

This article presents a reflection on the expressiveness of the work of the Italian sociologist Antônio Gramsci as well as reflects

ICT'S and early childhood education: play, digital inclusion and learning

This article addresses ICT's in Early Childhood Education as a technological learning resource where play plays a decisive role.

Investments in education in Brazil: how does the teacher look in this scenario?

This article aims to demonstrate Brazilian society the current working condition of the teacher, defending the premise

Dyscalculia: The role of the teacher in the face of the difficulties of the...

There is no denying that mathematics is part of the daily life of society in general. Mathematics is everywhere

An analysis of School evaluation in basic education

The assessment of learning is a controversial subject in schools, where one of the main reasons of this controversy is the persistence of ancient

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