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In-line embroidery technique for creative development and motor applicable in High School Art Education...

Artistic education is composed of several techniques that lead to the development of logical thinking, creativity and motor coordination

Robotics and the Teaching of Mathematics: Building a simple traffic light in the classroom

The aim of this article is to show some possibilities of the use of robotics in mathematics classes, describing the construction

Virtual learning environments and their collaboration for the development of Distance Education in Brazil

Distance education is a term that has been developing for many years, but only reached large dimensions at the beginning of the 20th century

Pierre Bourdieu: Contributions to the reading wheels in the university library

This article praises the reading wheel as a category of central analysis of research and collective transformation of reality. Several

Brazilian Higher Education in the light of Bourdieu in times of COVID-19

This article contributes to the understanding of public higher education in Brazil based on the thoughts of Pierre Bourdieu in the midst of

Gender equality: Traditional conceptions, resistance and advances in gender relations

This study has as its basic concern to reflect on gender equality, in view of the challenges of gender equality relations, challenges arising

Sustainability: The perception of this concept in a Municipal School in southern Espírito Santo

Sustainability is a vast and important theme. It implies thinking about new production proposals, and also of new ways to consume

Students with attention deficit: Everyday life in the classroom

The study aimed to perform an approach related to the daily life in the classroom of students with attention deficit, through a review

Need for training professionals in Special Education in a city in São Paulo

Special Education in all its areas has gained the spotlight in discussions and research throughout the country in order to understand, analyze

The social representations of the concept of “learning” in Early Childhood Education

This work aims to identify the social representations about the concept of learning in Early Childhood Education, for parents/guardians and

Nuclear Science, Education, and Training at the Argonauta research reactor in Brazil

This work presents the contribution of the Argonauta research reactor in the education and training of human resources in Nuclear Sciences

National Professional Salary Floor: Partisan political focus on valuing teaching in Bahian municipalities

The text is part of the research work carried out in function of the Doctorate in Education by the Ibero-American International University

The chronicle: Training of readers in the 9th year of elementary school

Reading is the guide axis of teaching in Portuguese and, as such, needs to become an objective of teaching, because it is a process

Inclusion of students with special educational needs: a descriptive study based on students’ reports

This article aims to describe the reality of the inclusion of students with special educational needs from an interview with three students

Kaimbé Art and Culture: The EJA as an influencing agent of handicraft production

Youth and Adult Education (EJA), an etanically differentiated, is a condition for the Kaimbé indigenous woman to recognize its potential

The process of schooling transvestites and trans women in Brazil

This theoretical essay tries to bring to light the problem of the schooling process of transvestites and trans women in Brazil

Education for the inprisons: Challenges and perspectives

The present work aims to present the obstacles that arise in the educational process in prisons, given the lack of

Analysis of dreams and feelings: Case study in a Municipal School of Imperatriz –...

This article aimed to better understand the ways of thinking and dreaming of 4th and 5th grade students, from a Municipal School located

The Epistemology of Educational Public Policies and the Utopias of His Praxi in National...

The elaboration of this article aims to show how public policies in Brazilian education had a primary advance

Educational construction of geometry and the use of concrete materials as a learning process

The research stood out for a didactic reflection that meets the need for experimental constructions in the classroom

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