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Inclusion of students with special educational needs: a descriptive study based on students’ reports

This article aims to describe the reality of the inclusion of students with special educational needs from an interview with three students

Assistive technology in the educational field for deaf students

This work was developed from a research based on authors who discuss assistive technology in the Education of the Deaf, this objective

Inclusive education in a critical view of the curriculum: Currícul, culture and Include a...

This article has as its main purpose to analyze and present research conducted through references to support

The Deaf in society listener: A case of inclusion or exclusion?

Often we encounter in our daily lives with a not too common situation: two deaf people talking, making use of sign language

The importance of educational games to teach math to Deaf and listeners

. The inclusion of deaf students in public schools has been discussion among many teachers, because in General, they say they have not received

The school inclusion of the Autistic Student: The contributions of physical education classes

Autism is a behavioral syndrome, having as main feature the deficit in social interaction, translated primarily by the inability in interpersonal relations, along with a shortage of language and behavior changes.

Intellectual disabilities and activity of the teacher: Contributions of psychoanalysis and education

Psychoanalysis can be linked to education to treat existing relations in the school context, we know that such relationships do not always contribute to effective learning.

Physical education as Inclusive Method for children with special needs

The professor, from the beginning of his academic training, must understand the limits of their students, helping them to overcome them. Within the discipline of physical education, several obstacles may arise, being part of the educator to stimulate his students, mostly in individual development.
Pesquisa realizada na Escola Municipal Conselheiro Lafaiete

Inclusion and literacy of children with ADHD a challenge

The role of the family, school and teacher it is essential to include the child bearer of ADHD.

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