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Early childhood: The new government agenda

Institutional care for small children, throughout the history of the world, Latin America and Brazil, presented several

Spirituality and morality in the practice of teachers

Context: Scientific research on moral development in education has gained ground in the wheels of debates and research

 Spirituality: A pedagogical resource in the practice of child care in health

Context: Throughout human history, it is common to find the relationship between education, health and spirituality. Currently, the discussion

An educational reflection on theology and community

Context: Throughout human and biblical history, religion has influenced the social, political and economic factors of the community,

The history of education and scientific research in Brazil

The current article discusses the historical transformations of teaching activity in Brazil as well as its participation in academic-scientific research

Investments in education in Brazil: how does the teacher look in this scenario?

This article aims to demonstrate Brazilian society the current working condition of the teacher, defending the premise

Inclusive education in a critical view of the curriculum: Currícul, culture and Include a...

This article has as its main purpose to analyze and present research conducted through references to support
Figura 1. Fonte:

Contemporary problems of education: School and Family

The Brazilian educational system has been suffering in recent years, change it, advances in some aspects, but also leverage problems in education

The Deaf in society listener: A case of inclusion or exclusion?

Often we encounter in our daily lives with a not too common situation: two deaf people talking, making use of sign language
Figure 1: Shows the number of unanswered questions in theoretical and practical pre-assessments and in post-theoretical and practical assessments.

Practical Experiences in a Classroom as a Learning Aid in the Component Mineral Concentration...

According to the Law of Brazilian National Curricular Guidelines for Basic Education in the part that talks about the National Curricular Guidelines

Public policies in education: quality of education and University reform

This research is only a theoretical essay on the quality of higher education and the University reform, which seeks to discuss how is the quality

The Role of Nursing in the Hemodialysis Session

The kidneys are responsible for the elimination of residues from the digestion of food after the body has taken advantage of all its elements

The formation of adult and youth education in Brazil

When we speak of adult and youth education in Brazil appears to be a contemporary thing, but actually the educational process in Brazil

Intellectual disabilities and activity of the teacher: Contributions of psychoanalysis and education

Psychoanalysis can be linked to education to treat existing relations in the school context, we know that such relationships do not always contribute to effective learning.

Dyslexia in education: Psychopedagogical Intervention

The learning disabilities and language changes can be diverse, although studies indicate that neurological factors are the main causes.

School Recreation: the game and the game in Childhood Education

After the studies, it was possible to notice that the toy, the game and the game are characterized as recreational organizations important to the development of children, in addition to the relaxation of rules, of space, of time, of movement increasing the basic skills and recreational activities. Promote broad participation also and coexistence among children, promoting the overall development of human beings, developing physical, cognitive, affective and social, essential elements for the development and learning of small. Through the toy, the game and the game the children share joys, sorrows, enthusiasm, passivity and aggressiveness. Therefore, the ludic and recreational practices must be part of the school pedagogical proposal. After all, educate is to prepare for life!
Gráfico de barras ilustrando a porcentagem referente a bebida mais consumida.

Profile of eating habits and BMI of the students of the Physical education courses...

Assessing dietary habits and body mass index of students of Physical education courses and information technology.

Confrontations and dilemmas of the new times: the use of technology in the praxis...

With the advent of technology new spaces and possibilities have been created, and the traditional education won new directions
Figura 4: Apresentação do Tema denque em libras.

Epidemiological surveillance of Dengue: preventive education for the deaf through action research

Dengue fever is a disease caused by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, which affects society and constitutes a serious public health problem in Brazil and in the world.

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