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Education And Digital Ethics: An Interview With Humberto De Faria Santos

The present report represents the content shared by interviewing Humberto de Faria Santos, graduated in Theology and International...

Robotics and the Teaching of Mathematics: Building a simple traffic light in the classroom

The aim of this article is to show some possibilities of the use of robotics in mathematics classes, describing the construction and operation

Gender equality: Traditional conceptions, resistance and advances in gender relations

This study has as its basic concern to reflect on gender equality, in view of the challenges of gender equality relations, challenges arising

Literary literacy in the Pandemic

Because of the Pandemic, the students had the routine completely changed. How to protect them in this atypical situation? This article

Planning and curriculum: Importance and contribution in the educational process

This article presents reflections on the importance of the curriculum and the act of planning, with emphasis on the objectives of...

Kaimbé Art and Culture: The EJA as an influencing agent of handicraft production

Youth and Adult Education (EJA), an etanically differentiated, is a condition for the Kaimbé indigenous woman to recognize its potential

The Role of the School Council of Mozambique in the performance of Primary Schools

This article seeks to bring together an approach about the theoretical and practical foundations of performance, its impact...

Analysis of dreams and feelings: Case study in a Municipal School of Imperatriz –...

This article aimed to better understand the ways of thinking and dreaming of 4th and 5th grade students, from a Municipal School located

“Difference between squares” in the Pythagorean Theorem

This article aims to show applications of the content of the Pythagorean Theorem in the construction of knowledge in the classroom...

Early childhood: The new government agenda

Institutional care for small children, throughout the history of the world, Latin America and Brazil, presented several

Spirituality and morality in the practice of teachers

Context: Scientific research on moral development in education has gained ground in the wheels of debates and research

 Spirituality: A pedagogical resource in the practice of child care in health

Context: Throughout human history, it is common to find the relationship between education, health and spirituality. Currently, the discussion

An educational reflection on theology and community

Context: Throughout human and biblical history, religion has influenced the social, political and economic factors of the community,

Dermeval Saviani: Sketch by a critical Brazilian educator

It treats the present article of the life and work of the Brazilian educator Dermeval Saviani, still alive and born in the interior of...

The importance of the philosophy of education 

This article aims to analyze the importance of the philosophy of education, based on instructive foundations, which bring with them...

The history of education and scientific research in Brazil

The current article discusses the historical transformations of teaching activity in Brazil as well as its participation in academic-scientific research

A study on the use of the Internet in the Brazilian educational context

The advances and dissemination of the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), more precisely the Internet, uncover new...

Investments in education in Brazil: how does the teacher look in this scenario?

This article aims to demonstrate Brazilian society the current working condition of the teacher, defending the premise

Inclusion of deaf students in the Brazilian educational context

This research emphasizes the inclusion of deaf students in the Brazilian educational context, showing a brief history of how people who...

Inclusive education in a critical view of the curriculum: Currícul, culture and Include a...

This article has as its main purpose to analyze and present research conducted through references to support
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