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Manual of Practices in Physical Education in Professional and Technological Education Using the Free...

The application, EFE-EduFisEPT, acts as a support for physical education school activities, using historical-critical pedagogy...

Development of human motricity in Physical Education classes as pedagogical strategies

The present study aims to propose the Development of Human Motricity as a pedagogical strategy to qualify physical education classes...
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Importance of knowledge of human anatomy to physical education

The physical education and the discipline of human anatomy have aspects in common throughout history, and to introduce some of these aspects

Body Percussion in School Physical Education Classes

Physical Education is in school. She is a subject of teaching and her presence brings a lovely, and a beneficial and restorative disorder in that institution

Philosophy and Physical Education, Evolutionary Appendix?

Philosophy and Physical Education, school subjects taken in modern times as two distant relatives to much forgotten

The Reality Experienced by Physical Education Professionals Within Schools

The challenge of the 21st century teacher is to transmit more and more knowledge needed to develop the skills of the future

The reality experienced by the professionals of physical education in schools

Physical education in Brazil was developed by the military with the goal of forming strong, healthy individuals who were essential to the development process of the country.

Importance of physical education to school children insert with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Autism is characterized by abnormalities in the development, occurring before the age of three years old, traveling throughout the life of an individual

School physical education in health promotion

The promotion of health is a subject much discussed in recent years. There is a promising strategy for the many health problems that affect modern humans.

Benefits and Method of teaching of Futsal in the elementary school: literature review

Futsal is a valuable tool for teachers of physical education in school, and can be used in different ways according to the broader educational objectives.

Benefits of indoor soccer in school physical education

Football is a collective sport played in two teams with 11 players on each. To your origin is of the most distant and uncertain.

School physical education and childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is a major public health problem, which raises the rates of morbidity and mortality among children.

The importance of Psychomotricity in children education

The professor, using the Psychomotor Education, must be attentive to children's needs and searches, allowing children to live experiences so that the pacing and the expansion of the concept. Inadequate stimulation during childhood causes numerous disorders during adulthood. The exercises proposed by the educator must consider the psychomotor functions (overall coordination, laterality, balance, among other previously exposed), seeking to associate them. During the games, especially the popular children's games, children are stimulated by innumerable psychomotor functions.

Physical education and Leisure Activity: the role of Playfulness in child development

The playfulness is a theme that comes conquering space in the national panorama. The playfulness an activity focused on recreation and leisure, offers great contributions to early childhood education, encouraging learning.
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