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Feasibility of using industrial boiler ash in the dosing of structural concrete

Industrialization and accelerated population growth generate side effects on various social aspects, and the environmental issue is...

Functional evaluation of pathologies in flexible pavement

Highways are of essential importance, since they are the main mode of transportation in the country, with a vast territorial extension of...

Technological innovations in civil construction

This article aims to analyze technological innovations as an integrated element in civil construction, in order to measure the benefits that

The impact of judicial expertise in cases of pathological manifestations in ceramic coatings

The present work aims to present to professionals working in the area of civil construction the impact of judicial expertise

Structural alternatives in suspended bottoms of tubular metal tanks with two cells for water...

With the growing demand for water reserve due to the implementation of new allotments and horizontal condominiums, which met the need

Metallic tank for water reserve in Brazil: a study of the partial application of...

With the growing demand for water reserve and the lack of technical standards for metal reservoirs in Brazil, several manufacturers

Verification of the recurring impacts in the Mutuca Stream, exclusive stretch in Gurupi-TO

The objectives of this article were to diagnose the recurrent impacts in the Mutuca stream in Gurupi-TO. Perform the check of the riparian

Comparison of sizing and modeling of columns

The search for the reduction of time in the elaboration of projects becomes a necessity, together with the indigence of understanding

Use of rubber Waste into asphalt paving: A literature review

According to Bertollo et al., (2000) "the natural environment represents the product of the dynamic interaction of abiotic and biotic processes
Gráfico 1 - Duração das obras. Fonte: Autor.

Planning and control of Housing Work: case study of residential Garden Ipiranga in redemption/PA

Administer a work in which have quality and rapidity in its processes is not a very easy task.
Figura 1: Estrutura de pavimento rígido. Fonte: Elaborado pelo autor.

Major Misconceptions in developing Urban paving Budget Worksheets in the town of Juazeiro/BA [1]

Public works, to be hired, undergo a process that encompasses four stages: planning, bidding, contract and performance of the contract.

Proof of the PDCA Tool in the Coating Settlement Service

With the globalization of information, more and more customers arrive better prepared for the survey to receive their property

Implantation of Accessibility in Sidewalks in the Surroundings of APAE – Manaus / AM

Every day the population is faced with various situations when they walk the streets of the city, especially when moving along the sidewalks

Study of the Drainage System for Transposition of Talvegue by Bueiros in BR-324 /...

The accelerated growth of the urban population, together with the lack of housing policies, has led to an increase in the use and disordered occupation of the land.

Needs analysis for preventive and corrective Maintenance in the building of the representative office...

The representative office of SUFRAMA in Porto Velho, in Rondonia State, was built by the Municipality for over 20 years

Basic Engineering Design analysis in public administration

Analysis of a basic design prepared by an organ of the Federal Public Administration. Throughout this study is the importance of preplanning

Technical analysis of feasibility of deployment of restaurant in public institution

The feasibility study enables analyses and evaluations are carried out under the technical point of view, economic and legal and that promotes the selection

Needs Analysis for Preventive and Corrective Building Maintenance Services at the Suframa Representation Office...

Hiring a company specializing in preventive and corrective maintenance services to ensure the preservation of components

A brief Background on the topic "Innovation in the public sector"

Governments around the world have faced persistent pressure in order to meet demands of an increasingly demanding society, which yearns for reply
Representação das Cargas nos Pavimentos.

Comparative analysis of methods of Pavement-Hard Floor (concrete) x flexible (asphalt)

Road transport is the most widely used means of transportation in Brazil, either on dirt road-gravel, stone-paving stones, concretada road.
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