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Supply of Funds and the Responsibility of the Expense Payer

Compliance with all procedures and, as well as compliance with the various legal provisions existing in the Brazilian Legislation are important

The contribution of the Accounting Expert in the Judiciary: Technology as a support tool

The accounting expertise is carried out by highly qualified, specialized professionals, who have deep knowledge and experience in the area

Born, growing and now surviving: an analysis under the look of private pension retirement

Brazil is experiencing a time of economic crisis, reforms and uncertainties. Faced with this scenario in which the country's economy is located

(IN) contributory justice in the general social security regime: RGPS from the point of...

Issues related to public social security have generated widedebate between society and government. The average citizen is concerned about the just measure

Economic-financial performance: an analysis applied to publicly traded corporations

This work deals with the analysis of the financial statements of 20 public companies with shares traded on the stock exchange (BM & FBOVESPA)
 Gráfico 3 -Teste de Soma para os gastos com CPGF. Fonte: elaboração própria.

(IN) Compliance of payment card spending of the Federal Government: A study of forensic...

Considering the time of the worst recession in the history of Brazil, of course, means need to be sought in order to reverse the negative results and one of the important factors to be taken into consideration

Motivations, Expectations and Graduation-related Influences on Accounting

The National Institute of Educational Studies and research (INEP) in 2005 disclosed that the Accounting course was offered in 1,002 Institutions
QUADRO 1: Planejamento pelo modelo Canvas de negócio. Fonte: Modelo extraído do site do SEBRAE MG.

The use of cash flow in Enterprise Diagnosis, as a proposal for Regional Development:...

With the global economic expansion and the need for information that guided the managerial process of organizations, the books became essential

The importance of Internal Control to prevent Fraud in a upholstery Industry

Accounting information generated by internal control are of paramount importance so that administrators can be aware of everything that happens
Tabela 2: Valores em Real (BRL) para os honorários. Fonte: CAMARB- (adaptada).

Arbitration as a field of the accounting officer

13,105/15 law brings among others the question of arbitration matters, that is, norms on this new field that aims to resolve conflicts

The Accountant as Financial Advisor in the Capital Markets [1]

All the accounting information is of total importance and there are several users of this, and in the capital market would not be different

Public Accounting as a Management Tool in Confronting the Financial Crisis

Some actions within accounting can be considered fundamental in the coping process, they are: quality of the accounting reports

Main Accounting Instruments For Small Business Companies

With these basic instruments, the Manager will have control of your box, (revenue and expenditure), real stock control, getting information for better planning and aid in decision making.

Control of public management – focus on External Control

control of public management with a focus on external control, this control of vital importance, which can be accomplished by population, by legislators and by the agency that has control-specific function named Court of Auditors.

The questioning of law nº 9,960/2000 to the Western Amazon

Manaus is an area of free trade of import and export and special tax incentives, with the purpose of creating inside the Amazon.

The importance of Fiscal responsibility law for Public Administration

The objective of this paper was to analyze the importance of Fiscal responsibility law as normative instrument on the control of public finances.

Analysis of the impact on net financial income in publicly traded companies listed on...

Companies listed on the stock exchange are owned by various branches and segments, leaving in evidence the diversity present.

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