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The path to the father's House: A brief commentary from John 14.1-14

The events narrated in the surroundings of John 14 occur at the end of the last week of the earthly Ministry of the Lord Jesus, when he meets with his disciples

Pastoral Therapy: The Pastor as Therapist in the Hospital

The pursuit of these spiritual objective results in the hope based, not in the results of the treatment of the illness, but in the relationship that the patient maintains with God

In Heaven, on Earth and Under the Earth: Beliefs About Places of Beyond in...

This research sought to assess, through the study of words within their respective literary contexts and through an analysis of the Book of Enoch, the beliefs of early Christians about the places of beyond.

Iniquity, Epigenetics, Heredity and Homosexuality

Lawlessness was detected by science as epigenetics, the hereditary derive from the sin, prostitution, of feelings, temperaments and behaviour contrary to the word of God. Lawlessness can arise even within a generation fearing God, being activated by the individual when certain ideas designed and executed within our behavior and temperament.

Ayahuasca: A Way to the balance

Relationship between the systematic consumption of ayahuasca tea in religious context and the well-being of individuals that consume. Through bibliographical research, explained what is ayahuasca; your use was found among indigenous peoples and religious groups more expressive – the Nacelle

Theology, Epigenetics and Public Health

The spirit world has always worked in a sustainable way, God created the heavens and the Earth

The religious consumption fetishism: the use of experience in Christian religious context

Religion has always been present in humanity, given that its great importance, analyze the religious aspect in human life becomes something complex and comprehensive.

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