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Theology, Epigenetics and Public Health

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Rodrigues, Pr. Guilherme M. M.[1]

Rodrigues, Pr. Guilherme M. M. Theology, Epigenetics and Public Health. Multidisciplinary Core scientific journal of knowledge. Year 1. Vol. 9. pp. 349-354, October/November 2016. ISSN:2448-0959


Bible and science have always been together, recognize human limitations is to break barriers established by forming a society consciousness itself. Meet the individual is fundamental basis for social control, the action of his unconsciousness, can interfere directly in socio-economic planning of the State, mainly in the destruction of a public health plan. Being the word of God the manual established by the creator of man, follow their precepts surpasses the limits of spiritual health, it interferes directly to a condition of mind and body healthy, reducing the cost of the State through the unconsciousness of man.

Keywords: theology, Epigenetics, heredity, public health.


Recognizing God as creator, the man can understand that there is no one better to show the correct path. Only who created can establish rules for objective way, achieve the best quality of life and consequently, reduce the rate of social diseases. Through the word of God, and of the correct administration of the precepts established, we can achieve a more physical and mentally healthy individual, obtaining a reduction in the cost of the States by means of reflections on public health.

One of the most striking features is its rational consciousness, it is formed by a set of factors acquired during its development, having as main sources, experiences and advice acquired through other people. This rational consciousness, forms a mental disposition equivalent, a mental toughness that produces a "analgesia", a belief that stabilizes the judgment itself, which for the vast majority of people who live according to their own convictions, without standards set by God's Word, are lethal to own and social destruction. This condition acts as an autopilot, sealing the conscience to any sort of line that is established to limit their actions, causing that person to act as their momentary feelings and emotions.


When we look at the word of God, we see written in John 17:17: "Sanctify us through thy truth, thy Word is truth", thus, it is clear that there is a truth and a lie. When the Bible says "thy Word is truth", this means that the only source where we find the truth is the word of God, it is inexorable, doesn't change as time, is not influenced by emotions and feelings, there is no rationality to change the provision already charted by who created man.

Therefore, the truth is written to counter the reality, which are concepts and ideas created by human reason, a personal truth, influenced by trauma, feelings of bitterness, expectations and experiences. The reality is a mental action of autoconvencimento, working as his own convictions, ruling out any pattern to come against his mental disposition and feelings.

Being the illusory truth and reality autoconvencimento, she imposes on the mind of the individual false reality spreads about yourself and your life, allowing the onset of secondary disorders like depression and psychosomatic illnesses, result of designing thoughts about life. This condition is explained by science through the mental disorders, but God's Word is objective and allows us to have a clear vision of the consequences of a mind without principles and patterns, guided only by herself.


The relationship between lawlessness and Epigenetics is similar, both are impregnated in man, and arrive to join when it is heredity.

The word of God to the mental action of iniquity complaint, its dynamics and the consequences linked to it, we see described in the book of Psalms 7:14 -16:

"Behold, the wicked are in pain of iniquity, conceived the malice, gives birth to lies."

To understand who is the wicked, are necessary steps: wicked comes to ungodliness, mercy is synonymous with love (im = no; mercy = love) person without love, in the book of John 14:21, we see that for love, God is the one who obeys his word, thus, the wicked is one who does not love God, for not obeying his words. We see in verse, that this individual is in pain of iniquity, that "of" does mention the source, IE, the iniquity of this individual is bringing pain, suffering. Knowing that inequity is not something physical, let's see how she can bring pain to someone.

When we observe the continuation of the verse, we see the reason that led to suffering and how the iniquitous acts on the individual to bring you this pain:

"conceived the malice …"

The original Hebrew this word is found in the Greek dictionary-Hebrew Strong (H5999), which means mental torment, sadness, namely the lawlessness in mind this individual thought bringing sadness and mental torment, that because he "devised", accepted, acceded, gave light, gave way to believe what was in his mind to suffer the REALITY CREATED.

Having this man been convinced by your thoughts, we now have the mental consequences:

"give light to lies."

In the face of reality imposed as a result of what was intended, the mind of this man will initiate a process of producing realities, lies developed that will produce moral ruin (Strong's H7723). We have in the book of Isaiah 5:20, the perfect description of the mind of a man who seared conceived the mental torment:

"Those who call evil good, and good, bad; to make darkness light and light, darkness; put the bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! "

Here is described the truth and reality, becoming clear, a distortion of the truth, which is developed by the human mind, making what is harmful in something favorable.

This illusion of mind to distortion of the truth, is denounced by the Bible in two main verses, described above, and in Psalms 7:16:

"Dug a well and did it, and fell into the grave that it did. ”

We can observe that in these two verses the individual exercises with accuracy the choice of path followed, for he, your decisions are correct, your feelings and emotions guide their decisions always in search of a greater well-being, a better environment, a better company, greater satisfaction, a reality of false joys, a path of pain, suffering and death, masked by the feelings and momentary pleasure.

The most fascinating feature of epigenetics or the iniquitous, is the power to induce and to produce through induction, that is, it induces certain thinking or vision, and the emotional result obtained with the design of this thought out a secondary seed, she will be the new seed of destruction, reaching a different area, and it will be added to the seed primary induction. Through these epigenetic markers, the man is being driven by their wickedness, their thoughts, feelings and decisions, all induced by their hereditary nature and by ideas conceived over a lifetime.

Being possible the human mind trick the man himself, putting him in disgrace and suffering unconsciously, especially for socially standards practiced in a natural way, someone will bear the bad decisions of this individual, someone will have to bear with the illnesses, medications and all dependency relationship, before an emotional or physical illness right now does public health plans , getting on State liability, financially supporting every period of labour inability of this individual.

One of the most prominent factors in this 21st century is depression, a secondary disease, resulting from a mental and emotional instability, due to hereditary factors, working in mental predisposition, or originated by the design of certain thoughts of failure and self-destruction. The depression has taken more than 200,000 people per year in Brazil of the labour market for the dependency of welfare, causing a burden to the public purse of approximately 26 billion reais in 2014.


There is no shortest path and goal than follow the indications of who created a product, an industrial saying says: "who owns the patent said the market", so works with man, God created it, so no one better than him to guide the best way.

If you look at the word of God, we will see in 1 Corinthians 11:30 -31:

"Because of this there are many weak and sick among you, and many sleep.
For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. ”

We can make two comments about the above verse: the first is that the man who walks according to their own convictions without a parameter set about his life creating boundaries, it becomes a social problem, it becomes weak in spirit, and therefore becomes a sick person, and many who died, directly affecting the economic plan of public health of a country. The second point is that there is a judgement being exercised over the man, regardless of his will, a judgment exercised about lawlessness that the Guide on your unconscious, your "autopilot", but the consequences being arcades by the State, which in proportion, the greater the search for treatment, the greater the financial oppression over the country.

We can see this truth being demonstrated in the book of John 5:1-14, where recounts the life of a man who was paralyzed, and was in the midst of many patients, however, have the cause of his illness being demonstrated in verse 14, the Sin caused him to be sick. We see during the reports, that this man was there for 38 years, and there was no one to take him to the tank, it demonstrates the solitude which this man lived, had no friends, demonstrating a person who analyzed the consequences of their actions or behavior. We can observe that he wasn't born paralyzed, whereas paralysis is different from being lame, lame would be the paraplegic (wheelchair), already paralyzed would be the one who owns a pathology as her (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), became in a certain period of life, due to sin.

We can see this judgment being exercised too in Proverbs 29:1:

"The man who often reproved hardens the cervix, suddenly will be destroyed without remedy. ”

This whole process of illness to the death of the individual falls on the Government, the greater the demand, the greater the need to refuse.


We see that the power of Epigenetics is on heredity, is sustainability, continuity and improvement of evil deployed. When a country deal with the consequences, is a problematic country, it is necessary to understand the individual, their practices and needs to act in prophylactic way and deal with the causes.

When dealing with social practices, we can make a step forward, but when you're dealing with human nature, we can manage the human unconsciousness, and protect you from yourself.

The advent of epigenetics enabled us get a more prophylactic when we deal with the spirit, the mind and body of an individual, we are dealing with their offspring, this means, that if we can form individuals who live with principles and limits according to the word of God, genetically, we have descendants more balanced and healthier emotionally, dramatically reducing the demand.

With a biblical and scientific vision, we understand that it is necessary to pull the seeds were implanted, social and hereditary personally, in search of a country healthier and more Rico, less corrupt and more God fearing.


The spirit world has always worked in a sustainable way, God created the heavens and the Earth, the seeds were planted only once, and all graduated, man was created only once, and all multiplied. In the demon realm, corruption has been planted in the heavens, and its strategies are multiplying constantly, by society and the generations through the iniquitous. The formatting of a mental disposition of the people according to the precepts of God goes beyond religion, is the sustainable social consciousness in the pursuit of a healthy nation, with a problem minimized and a public health effectively.


Dake Bible-Publisher Actions.

Bible Key Word: Greek-Hebrew-CPAD

Mais de 200 mil pessoas no Brasil receberam auxílio-doença por transtornos mentais em 2014

[1] Pastor (CIADB-0-289), Bachelor of theology, Seminarian and Writer liberation theology.

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