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Iniquity, Epigenetics, Heredity and Homosexuality

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RODRIGUES, Pr. Guilherme M. M. [1]

RODRIGUES, Pr. Guilherme M. M. Iniquity, epigenetics, heredity and homosexuality. Multidisciplinary Core scientific journal of knowledge. Year 01, vol. 08. pp. 228-257. September 2016. ISSN: 0959-2448

INTRODUCTION. The increase in cases of homosexuality in the world awakens the science by searching for its real origin, until then, based on the behavioral disorder. With the discovery of Homo Gene, pre-established beliefs suffering concussion, and so, there are questions about the truthfulness about the exclusion of biblical “effeminate and Sodomites” of the Kingdom of heaven, described in the passage from 1 Corinthians 6:9, and the call held in the book of Romans 1:28 about homosexual practices, and so, a new Bible is created with patches that eliminate the exhortations against homosexuality. Will be the Bible wrong and the right man?

Keywords: Iniquity, epigenetics, homosexuality, heredity.

GOAL. On the issues presented by science, the homosexual to biblical correction about homosexuality, and growth of cases of homosexuality appears to need technical and theological clarification for the issue of homosexuality as punishment for hereditary sin, reaffirming the biblical position contrary to homosexual practices, and the consequence of human rebellion before the Creator.


The philosopher Aristóstelis is known as the father of logic, according to him, a lie put in right time and correctly it becomes truth, this is because the human mind is rational and logical. This condition revealed by philosopher demonstrates the limitations of man to understand and design the real consequences of their actions, especially spiritual (Psalm 7:14 -15), revealing the need to abandon their eminent feelings and convictions, being guided by the word of who created it.

The official condition of homosexuality as mental disorder diagnosis has changed markedly since the 1960. In the first edition of the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM-I), published in 1952 homosexuality was included among the sociopathic personality disturbances, as a sexual deviance involving pathological behavior. This condition was countered by the homosexual society, which sees this condition as imposition (to be born), however, dominates the picture as a behavior disorder derived from trauma or influence.

However, in June 2014, 13 an advent would create a genetic scientific revolution, an article published by denying M Ghahramani and Tuck C Ngun at the University of California at Los Angeles (Ucla) would shake beliefs imposed and defended both by medicine, as Ministers of the Gospel and theologians, which is based on the Bible to say that homosexual practice is not bid in the eyes of God Therefore, is not accepted by the Church. According to the researchers, epigenetic markers (“gay gene”) amending the gene expression, created the homosexual behavior and personality, agent that produces changes in brain function, this means that the individual is born homosexual, breaking the Protocol. This research involved a group of five of these markers in 37 pairs of identical twins in which only one brother was gay. Also participated in 10 pairs of heterosexual twins, as a control group. Through the analysis of saliva, found that this set of markers was present in the gay twin, but not the other. In 67% of cases, they hit when someone was gay or not.

In the face of this reality, the fight against the word of God for the gay brought the publication of a Bible with specific fixes in passages that were about the practice, as in Romans 1:21 -31, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Leviticus 20:13 as well as others. Considering the parameters protected by both sides, this article brings as the defense of homosexuality congenital obligation-adaptive, that would be the imposition of homosexuality through the birth as a result of the naughty behavior of human hereditary to the commandments, and the reaffirmation of the principles against homosexual practice established by the word of God.


In note to human anatomy and Physiology, reproductive point of view, which is equivalent to the defense of non-extinction of a species through breeding, homosexual practice is contrary the creation. However, history provides us with information that the existence of homosexual practices are old, the first record of a gay couple in history according to the secular world, is generally considered the of Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, an Egyptian male couple, who lived around 2 400 BC, the couple is pictured during a kiss, the most intimate pose in Egyptian art surrounded by what appear to be their heirs, and in 399, Socrates was adept and defended the homosexual love.

According to the biblical account described in the book of Genesis, God created man and woman to multiply in the Earth. In the book of Genesis chapter 19, we find the first account of homosexuality in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, and in Leviticus 20:13, already found practical reports homo being condemned by the laws of God, that means of creation (the fall) to the date that you register the first homo behavior (Sodom and Gomorrah), we get a window, where the existence of homosexual practice.

Within this window, we have a destruction of all humankind through the flood, leaving only the descendants of Noah (descendant of Seven). The descent from Noah’s, dog (Canaan) and Japheth, being Dog the origin of Sodom and Gomorrah, we see in Noah, before the drinking, the kind of lawlessness that he carried to remove their clothes, and the same lawlessness in Dog, he presented a behavior contrary to the principles of God, when in the face of his father’s drunkenness and his nakedness He calls his brothers to snicker, this behavior presents a prostituitiva feature both of his father, as dog, that generated the wrath of his father, and a curse that was made about his life and offspring. This result raised the hatred, bitterness and rancor in a dog, as well as, by the precepts laid down by God. Dog, originated the Nations of Cush, Mizraim, Phut and Canaan and the Canaanites, son of Noah, there were 13 sins: sins under 8, 3 emotional origin and source 2 idolatrous, they are:

SEX: Homosexuality (the first case after the flood – Gn13:13; 19:1-29: Lv 18:22 -30; 20:13), incest (Leviticus 18:6-30; 20:12 -23), abnormal Passions (Lv 18:: 19-30; 20:18 -23), Adultery (Lv 18:20 -30; 20:2-5; DT 12); Desecration (Lv 18:21 -30), Bestiality (18:23 -30; 20:15 -23 Lv), Prostitution (Lv (20:1-23) and Lie (Lv 19:11 -16; 20:23).

Emotional: Murder (Deut 12:31; 18:9-10) and robbery (Lv 9:11 -13; 20:23), Dishonoring parents (Lv 20:9-23)

IDOLATRY: Witchcraft (Lv 20:6.23; DT 18:9-14) and Idolatry (Lv 18:21 -30; 20:2-5; DT 12)

As the origin of iniquity, we have three significant historical facts that define the entry and the development of iniquity in humanity: a) the input: occurred in the fall of man (the original sin – Adam and Eve), the activation and development of epigenetic marker: we see in two genealogical roots, of Cain and Lamech (children of the devil) that were extinguished in the flood , and Noah, where Dog is the root of rebellion and evil behavior.

Being this practice condemned by God, something in these years took place to develop a new human behavior contrary to the establishment, already as a result of the removal of the man in the presence of God, we see Cain, he kills his brother by envy, is dominated by a sense that it seemed consistent, resulting in a conviction and mark is regarded as the Devil’s son , described in 1 John 3:12. Another important fact that condemns the man let go by their feelings and convictions, is the fall of man in paradise, the Bible quotes in Genesis 3:6 “the woman noted that the tree was pleasant, attractive and desirable”, being taken by the desire, sinned. And to understand that, there’s no better source than the Bible, to know the historical facts that can lead us to change of behavioral patterns of the newly created man.

The story reveals to us in Genesis 6:1-3, that mankind has multiplied, there was two sources, one of the sons of God, Seven, and another, evil generation of Cain. In verse 2, we see that there is a link between the generations, this Union, condemned by God, who reveals in verse 5 the nature of man: “all the motivation of the ideas that came from his gut was only inclined to commit evil.”. This partition between generations shows us that there were some differences between one people and another behavioral difference, of personality, of garments (exposure of the body), Overture, and ease (6:2 – “chose between all the most liked them”-here we have the reality of a brothel), and this behavioral difference attracted men, sons of God, to get involved with the daughters of doomed generation of Cain , being the generation that had the devil as a father, as practiced reprehensible things in the eyes of God. The first case of bigamy in history was with Lamech (descendant of Cain), prostitution (prostitution in the eyes of God, having sex without marriage, homo or exposure of the body to induction sexual desire) and the feelings of hate and sorrow (roots of bitterness) are the first signs of behavior failed by God, and consequences on life after Adam and Eve.

Another point to be considered history, were exercised by the rituals idolatrous people, gods as the god Bacchus (originated the word bacchanal), require rituals of collective sex between opposite sex and homosexual practices, as well as sex between several people at the same time, this led to a sexual pattern that did not exist, and consequently, an iniquity or epigenetic pattern that has spread.

Therefore, the change that occurred in this period, giving rise to behavioural change since the fall to the Sodom and Gomorrah, is prostitution, idolatry, the Sin and disobedience, these are agents that led to homosexuality in this land.

This means that historically, homosexuality is not God’s creation, but rather, the result of disobedience and sin of men and Nations, and may not be led to this agreement, as well as the divine salvation, because the creator of this seed is the devil, which planted in the fall of man in the garden of Eden, and the root was passed we all (“all have sinned and are deprived of the glory of God”-Romans 3:23) , working up to the present day.


If you look at the behavior of Cain and dogs according to history, it spread throughout your generation, it is heredity, but how could a man’s behavior influence the behavior of three or four generations later? And what the social consequence of this?

Heredity represents the genetic of personal physical characteristics being washed for later generations, however, the Bible reveals and science confirms, that there is another pattern of inheritance, an inheritance that involves the spiritual and behavioral State of the individual, which means that the way you think or kinds of thoughts and feelings that I carry, will influence the behavior, feelings and emotions of my future generations.

This is only possible because of the authorization given by the God that every man who doesn’t want his blessings by disobedience, they pull away, and the curses will come upon him, described in the book of Deuteronomy 28:1-20. This means that man’s free will enable physiological changes occur in your body, and be taken to their future generations, bringing continuity of condemnation through the disobedient behaviour and psychosomatic illnesses through feelings and emotions.

In the human body that leads to hereditary characteristic is the gene present in DNA, but the word of God shows us that there is a seed of sin is originated in man, a curse, she is taken between generations enabling continuity of existing destruction in the life of an ancestor, that seed is called Lawlessness.


Lawlessness or “awon” is a biblical Word of Hebrew origin, it means (Strong 5771) punishment, punishment, she is linked to heredity and to sin, that is, is the inheritance of sin, is the punishment for the sin of man. According to the Scriptures, in the book of Deuteronomy 5:9, God States that probe the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation, that phrase represents what God probe, review the sins of the father in the son, this represents a biased influence that their children carry out the same sinful pattern of his father, and the Lord accomplishes , is to find repentance. However, how can a behavioral pattern and personality be passed down for generations, since the science proves that the genetic code is not changeable? What kind of change would occur in previous generations, so that the same standard was established to the descendants? This is explained by the Bible, and reaffirmed by science through Epigenetics.


The term ‘ epigenetics ‘ originates from the Greek, where “epi” means “above, near, then” gene, that is, is a modification not genetics. Prior to scientific discovery, the Bible has already explained how occurred the principles of epigenetic markers, and the principles involved, i.e. what an individual should do for such a curse or change to be part of it. According to epigenetic studies, this change in chromatin, the environment in which the individual lives, but mostly, what he thinks, the feelings that loads, in what he believes and habits that he exercises, work by inhibiting or activating a gene expression in the brain and DNA all over the body, called acetylation or methylation. The result of this gene action is the remolde behavioral and personality, through the kind of thinking and feeling that is generated in the individual, for the establishment and continuity or evolution of legacy marker, and can transform the individual into someone that he doesn’t want to be.

It is important to clear an existing structure before we get significant content. Epigenetics or iniquity has two important features, a hereditary (H), brought from generations, and other personnel (P), is the formation of new markers according to our desires or obstinacy of heart for feelings, are cumulative, and add up to form what the word of God is called “Body of Sin” (ROM. 6:6), which is the HPI (Iniquity Staff Inherited), this is the iniquity of transmitted by generations , is the continuity and improvement of the iniquity of previous generations. We suffer lifelong several epigenetic changes, but very few are transmitted between generations, the hereditary, they are the basis of study of this article, being broken down in the Bible (according to the biblical and historical facts), these markers come working in the individual and in society to form an image that is not what God created in the world, form a prostituido, and people in the Church, a people like the people of God, but it’s not (Ezekiel 33:31).

As demonstrated in this article, the man was not created with a “mental disposition” (Rm 1:28) homosexual, she was acquired along the actions carried out by human disobedience, that generated a legacy of evil and prostitution, and the personality and behavior homoafetivo, punishment or price, the result of bitterness, hatred and epigenetic grudge, as well as prostitution exercised by previous generations (until the fourth and tenth generation-Dt 2:29 , 5:9, 28:45.46), why, you don’t get the relationship of sin with homosexuality, being the rational man, seeks explanation on its origin, and at most, in his first descent or ancestry.

The lawlessness has two entrance doors, a satisfactory (thought) and action (prostitution or violence), but the practical result always is your Association. We will see in the Psalm of David No. 109, in verses 14-19, the description of a legacy behavior, God’s position in the face of the obstinacy of heart and the consequence, note that feelings of hatred, bitterness and rancor, will always be associated with features inherited between generations:

“Is in memory of the Lord, the iniquity of their fathers, and not to erase the sin of his mother.
Before are always before the Lord, to make disappear your memory of the Earth.
Because you didn’t think to do mercy; before the stricken man and chased to the needy, so you could even kill the broken heart.
Since I loved the curse, she come, and so did not wish the blessing, she get away from him.
As well as dress curse, like your clothes so penetrating she in your gut, like water, and in your bones like oil.
Be for him like clothing that covers, and how the belt always stick. “

The word of God shows that his son was having the same behavior from their parents, and that I was being induced by “something”, which was the curse, which he liked to meet in your life through their actions and feelings. We can observe that the word of God shows that the action of the curse is exerted through the feelings and thoughts, which establishes a personality and according to the behavior of the parents.

Below, you can see the position of God before the boy’s behavior, and explicitly, the Lord sends what was exercised by the individual through your thoughts and your feelings, now “PENETRATES” in it, that is, it is the action of thought and feeling that will go into human physiology, what was once soul (spiritual), will now become physical (“in your gut such as water, and in your bones like oil “), this is the inequity that arose from the iniquitous inherited. The result of this change in the body will be a continuous mental induction (forming a mental disposition – wishes, desires and feelings) and Physics (and psychosomatic diseases), causing the formation of a different being than was created by God, but not to establish parameters of life according to the word of God, which will create your identity, is the mental and physical action of iniquity What socially, carries in depressions, riots, rebellion, dissatisfaction, mental disorders, deviations of character, as well as homosexuality.


As we saw earlier, homosexuality is a product of disobedience to the principles established by God, so the man was not created in this way, their nature is multiplicative, not same-sex Union makes it possible. However, as we say, lawlessness is the product of the generational sin, and also hereditary, this means, that the man was not created as well, but this was introduced in it, that is, it is not born homosexual, but with homosexuality, which is homosexuality congenital and may originate through activation of brain hormone overload in their training, something that does not belong to the man but that part of your body, an epigenetic anomaly which works on the formation of a mental disposition, generating thoughts and feelings according to epigenetic features that loads encoded in your brain, inhibiting or reacting to your DNA.

There is a particularity that must be understood, it can be congenital, when early presents signs of marker, we have in the U.S., the presentation of children with 2 and a half years with homosexual tendencies (congenital action), and other, begin the process with 10 or 12 years, this second reality demonstrates an Adaptive character (homosexuality congenital-adaptive), that would be the foreign action to activate the epigenetic marker , or a later activation.

As we have seen in the evolution of history, lawlessness is changeable, but always prostituitiva, some individuals no longer tend to homosexuality, but prostitution (which would be a boy or a girl have multiple relationships with different people), and always tending to sex prostituido (butt sex or bisexuality), hence the great desire of man by butt sex, he didn’t become gay , your seed suffered a different change, but the source is the same, the homosexual practice is performed through the butt sex, making it possible to bring the demonic realm into a marriage, even legalized and constituted by God.

The external reagent action becomes an important factor for the activation of the epigenetic marker, showing some activation agents, such as pornography, masturbation, adultery, butt sex, fetish and erotic products.

Homosexuality is therefore an epigenetic change TAX, which can only be combated on the awareness of the reality of homosexuality as a product of disobedience to God, of the roots of bitterness, hatred, bitterness and prostitution, which makes it an imposition on an option, forming a battle before a God fearing mental disposition.

Another important point is that there is no cure for homosexuality, but mortification, homosexuality is not a disease, but epigenetic change, this change “cingirá the man forever,” that is, it is a voice that always yell inside the man, inducing the prostitution, homosexuality or withholding feelings.


How could the man to accept the relationship with someone of the same sex, and their nature (creation) against? This response is also given by the word of God, let’s see in Psalm 7:14:

“Behold, the wicked are in pain of iniquity, conceived the malice, gives birth to lies.”

The word of God reveals the man everything he needs to know, is to ask the Holy Spirit, this verse says that the wicked are in pain of iniquity, that is not possible, because iniquity is not something physical, but spiritual. When the word of God speaks of the pain caused by the lawlessness, he speaks of the result obtained by man, because I was following the “will” of inequity, suffering and pain.

This verse shows the man that his own mind, his conscience fool, lie to him, when we read “conceived the malice”, we can understand through the original Hebrew the word “malice”, in popular understanding, malice means evil, trickery, but in the Word document, it means (Strong H5999-amal) “mental Torment, sorrow, affliction, wickedness, pain, misery …”, IE, comes in our mind a particular idea or feeling originated from lawlessness or epigenetic marker This idea is evaluated according to our desires or our feelings, this idea is conceived, and going on to work in another area not the initial, when not yet conceived; This seed is trainer of “roots of bitterness” (Hebrews 14:21) or inductive loads of prostitution.

In the continuity of the verse, we see the consequence of human mental when we place the reason or the logic of our feelings, we enter a State of autoconvencimento, feelings become stronger, the wishes are more blatant, and when performed the desires of the flesh (lawlessness), brings the feeling of satiety, satisfaction, joy and passion, reaffirming the heart that this is the correct path because he’s doing “well” the mind and the heart turns out to be a mistake of the mind, and a path contrary to the creation and the ways of God.

We must be aware, that to understand that evil strategy, it is necessary to understand issues specific cytological when there’s talk that an individual “born that way”, there must be a clear division between “birth” and “be created”, “be created” is equivalent to be in an individual’s genetic code (DNA), ali, you load the code creation, the characteristics imposed by God for the formation of the individual, however, “be born” covers all cellular structure out of DNA that would be the epigenetic markers located in chromatin. Therefore, when we speak of homosexuality, we can not say that the individual was brought up that way, but something happened, and he “born that way”, hence, the need for staging to sort according to the period of emergence of homosexual behavior and personality, for future research. This means scientifically, that homosexuality is not God’s creation.

The word of God speaks in Chapter 5:24 of Galatians, that those who are in Christ must crucify the flesh, that means the man should injure the desires of the flesh (feelings and desires), because they kill, we saw in Psalm 109, to the disgrace of the individual was conceiving the Malda Description, and in Psalm 7, we see that the curse of iniquity is the malice, an evil idea is “injected” into the mind of man. Thus, for the man engaged in practices contrary to your creation, it will be through the mind, a battle between passion, feelings and desires, verses the word of God.


Like we talked about earlier, there is a process of activating the iniquitous, this process occurs for three main areas: media, social and mental, it reflects the evil strategy within society, a cyclic and sustainable strategy.

The action of media activation occurs through prostitution exposed in media channels, not just for image display of nudity, but for concepts propagated.

The active social action activation lawlessness through the idea propagated melee, and the Union exhibition homo in society.

The mental action activation, just encompassing the above, is an idea that will generate a feeling and a desire, this reality is described in Ephesians 6:12:

“Because we don’t have to fight against the flesh or blood, but against principalities and powers, against the Princes of darkness of this century, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”.

Within the idea launched (the voice in induces inside our heads), the individual will be in a autoconvencimento process, as described above in Psalm 7, driving him to an early death, illness (Prov. 29:1) or reprehensible behavior-I color 11:30 -31.


Lawlessness was detected by science as epigenetics, the hereditary derive from the sin, prostitution, of feelings, temperaments and behaviour contrary to the word of God. Lawlessness can arise even within a generation fearing God, being activated by the individual when certain ideas designed and executed within our behavior and temperament.

Homosexuality is a product of iniquity, a hereditary punishment coming from previous generations, showing three distinct processes, a congenital: when the characteristics are revealed from 2 and a half years approximately, another Adaptive: when the epigenetic marker is activated throughout the development, and prostituitivo: being a product different from homosexuality, but carrying the same principle, and may become a, through the formation of a specific marker for “to love the curse” , he makes individual initially does not have a relationship, but load characteristics of prostitution, such as libido off the charts, in addition to regular exercise and take pleasure in homosexual practice within the hetero relationship.

Being imposed on chromosome level and not from DNA strand, homosexuality has three processes: the first is imposed, it would be the discernment of not feeling and desire, forming a second lawlessness created; the second would be optional, that is the existence of a judgment, with the option to choose to fight and destroy the “sin body” inductor of iniquity, and the third would be to battle, which is the process of combating that was “imposed” with the principles established by God, the creator of man.

Therefore, as we have seen in historical facts, independent of a genealogical root of prostitution or of the servants of God, all carry a root of wickedness through original sin, and that can be activated at any moment, bringing homosexuality, or the fall of a large Ministry through prostitution and violence, hence the need of man to give up the need to feel happy and well by living according to the precepts laid down by God.


Gay Bible

Keyword Bible Greek Hebrew-Ed. bvbooks-CPAD

DAKE Bible-Ed. Acts-updated 1997 edition 2012

The effects of perinatal testosterone exposure on the DNA methylome of the mouse brain are late-emerging (

[1] Pastor (CIADB-0-289), Bachelor of theology, Seminarian and Writer liberation theology.

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