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Social Phobia

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GOMES, Rosemary Fatima de Oliveira [1], Rossi, Liene [2]

GOMES, Rosemary Fatima de Oliveira; Rossi, Liene. Social Phobia. Multidisciplinary Core scientific journal of knowledge. Year 01, vol. 09, pages 555-563, October/November 2016. ISSN:2448-0959


This article has as theme social phobia and will address how important it is to talk about her these days. The phobia often causes thoughtless reactions these reactions is the result of fear and with it ends up causing uncontrollable fears, however this disease has become one of the great evils of the century so the person who suffers from this evil often can’t control herself and ends up suffering over time begins to take medicines.

Even with such evolution the pros feel the obligation to treat these people bringing a relief and an emotional control to them, whether adults or child comes causing family problems making it difficult understanding and development. Because the suffering is real and constant in the life of the wearer, so parents have a duty to next and find care and understand how much this is hurting.

Her behavior is causing swings in your learning. Thus the theme chosen for this article is justified by the importance of the family in the treatment is based on human development and still be the starting point for a carrier receive guidance and love.

The society of friends in the situation can help take better the condition in which it is from that moment on, but do not remove the individual suffering in adapt to this situation and that’s a reality that there is no template.

However, some questions related to the topic are relevant social phobia and the her universe. Is it possible to save these carriers of this disease?

According to the author (Lipsitz, Schneier, 2000)

Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is a psychiatric disorder prevalent and debilitating. “Is associated with increased prevalence of other psychiatric disorders, including depression and alcohol addiction. ”


Appear so various forms of treatments that will assist and extend the knowledge significantly with the time the professionals begin to develop activities and techniques for difficulties of those people using many of therapies , medicines and how to help these products and forms slowly go high confidence and rescuing the self-control of each. We see that this procedure has taken great strides.

This disease will gradually causing inappropriate behaviors people leading to death it is worth mentioning that this difficulty that this disease causes ends up hurting the family and his own performance so will affecting everything in life as, studies, work, that tends to be problematic unfortunately this disease don’t choose people and so many drop everything and give themselves fully. Reinforcing, those who have this disease demonstrate intense anxiety in situations with other beings of the same species. These difficulties reflected specific situations, in particular where there is consent or no danger of other people.

Is to calm down that, during the course of treatment is vital to support the family in this patient’s recovery. However, even if sometimes the facts show a movement of change in behaviour yet they cannot get rid of sudden fears that sometimes plague so are labeled as different.

Are discriminated against by society and are unable to enter the labour market and gradually the qualities of life go down.

As much as (Bhugra, 1989; Jorm, 2000; Lauber et al, 2001; Tsang et al, 2003; Lauber et al., 2004).

“You can associate these difficulties to the characteristics of the profile of social phobic, reinforcing the barriers they face in your everyday life for a healthy recovery, which should rely on the support of their families and of society as a whole”

Key words: Social phobia, treatment.

Social Phobia

Social phobia is a common sentiment in the life of every human being with that can protect us from the dangers for examples: we have to walk alone in a solitary place or dark can be afraid of anyone or anything that may harm, however the fear that can We feel will cause us to be alert, and soon we’re looking for a place to get to cover now and if we defend the fear in imposes a sense of alert.

Public speaking is crucial for them. Those who have these problems often fail to make friends are isolated cry a lot and can’t get out for nothing and always think someone is analyzing, watching with critical looks always feeling inferior to others has no prospects of life can’t see past are closed each other feels humiliated, rejected That often makes people with social phobia do not get married, financially independent, living in a permanent state of crisis and complete social isolation and in the most extreme cases, they may not leave their rooms for months.

The life of a social phobia is a truly harrowing life that is strongly associated with severe depression and suicidal ideation.

“The phobia, according to Ana b. Babu (2011, p. 25). Is the fear that a person feels unmanageable of certain situations or objects “.

At different times this feeling could hinder the walk so your dreams and projects will be interrupted.

Gradually the phobia will taking care of your life and the motivation and enthusiasm will decreasing every day so will making an uncontrollable disease and will continue destroying even this has itself a defensive instinct.

If you look at the human being, in General, we can see that the degree of anxiety and phobia is a medium that characterizes each way. With that they realize that they are being threatened in various social situations and potentially unable to speak in public. According to Ana b. Babu (2011, p. 21).

Only when the abnormal (pathological) fear to interfere markedly in the daily life of the individual, with specific social sectors losses, affective and professional, is that he feels the need to seek expert help. (2011).

Phobia sufferers come across difficult situations soon come to crises and they feel with the passage of time an enormous fear and is usually accompanied by various symptoms, fear of dying, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, chest pain among others. According to psychologist Neuza Corassa, Member of the Brazilian Association of psychotherapy and Behavioral Medicine,

“Fear works as a flag, helping the person to prepare for any situation, such as, for example, give a lecture. However, the scared beyond measure is considered a phobia, that immobilizes people, causing them to circumvent the problem. (2006)

When you start studying and need to present orally works is already beginning to be dominated by symptoms and there is inert, don’t talk to her for the same can’t even talk is like a white on the head and you can’t even articulate the thoughts and hopeless begins in tears only.

Looks like it’s all over and so flees and goes away even before you finish with that feeling of defeat of inability and failure. Same like what does she can’t overcome, many times the parents for not understand think it’s her freshness.

This form of treatment began to be used with schizophrenic patients, caregivers being extended from the 90, to other pathologies such as bipolar affective disorder and depression (Yacubian, 1997).

United families and cultivate healthy appreciation among its members so the secret to growing a health and can help one of your dear ones. Can never miss an opportunity to be close to that you love so you can help that you need.

Figure 01
Figure 01


The main objective of this study is to seek to analyze the presence of phobias and analyze and evaluate what the therapy mode tends to be more convenient and satisfactory results.

Is trying to get a common denominator, which is searching for a cure for these people. Therefore seeks tirelessly paths that can lead to a solution to this problem. It should be noted, so the importance of this partnership for patient needs to feel supported in all sides especially the family. The need for involvement and commitment is of paramount importance, but never forgetting that the sincere love is paramount for any situation to establish the best possible way.

To describe in this article the difficulties encountered in the life of this patient will be used to search for bibliographic nature as I said before I used in order to get important information in this perspective the objectives aimed at identify the difficulties that this patient has in relation to social phobia, so must know the forms and the process and how to get the results. According to the author (Sztamfater, Savoy, 2010)

A study with patients with social phobia and his family found a significant difference between patients who adhered to treatment and those who did not participate: the family. This seems to be a weight variable for carrier recovery, as noted in the literature and discussed in the article. ”

If that carrier does not express their fears and concerns as you can receive the incentive you need. If there is good communication and patience there is no emotional connection and consequence will not get satisfactory results.

Figure 02
Figure 02

Methods and data collection

The research of bibliographical nature, that is, according to Wagner, (2011) has been held consequently through bibliographic readings about the social phobia theme so the articles were taken in the following databases: Scielo.

On the other hand, it was identified that the majority of studies is of theoretical character.  According to Wagner, 2011 presents a structure of five dramas: public speaking, interaction with people in position of authority, interaction with opposite sex, interacting with unknown people, dislike, be in evidence. For completion of the work was done at first reading books and articles that led and paved the way the problem of research and the questions related to the theme chosen.

Then it was done through data collection of readings for the same and also for the preparation end permeating the results and discussions and the final considerations. The data collected by means of thematic related bibliographic readings conducted not only in the drafting of the article, but also for all the analysis of data and final consideration about the study.

CRAWFORD & TAYLOR (2000, p20) State:

Oddly enough about 60% of people have social phobia. “Most of them or you’re sitting home too frightened to go out, or trying to deceive while dead inside” With it, noted that shyness is more present in society than people think. As to the origin of shyness, 72% of respondents replied that she is directly linked to the fear of facing certain situations. For CRAWFORD & TAYLOR (2000, p 11), “The Dillards frequently believe that the people who interact are focusing on your bad points”.

Figure 03
Figure 03


 According to Michael Lucas (2006 p45), phobic individuals have a decreased quality of life, premature school drop-out, lack of social skills, displeasure in the relationship with friends and leisure, high unemployment rate, low presence in universities and social isolation of the subject, in the most serious cases. It is estimated high prevalence of social anxiety disorder in the population, being the most dominant social phobia anxiety disorder.

People suffering from this evil have bouts of panic directly and begin to feel sensations of fight or flight in your imagination she will imagine catastrophic moments. This situation is perceived by the brain and so these people avoid the most.

To situations that cause crises and come to change your routine. However these people end up in crying and weeping for no reason. However this agony is within yourself, because you can’t organize your thoughts end up destroying all.

“The company lacks an awareness and recognition of the evils caused by her, because, a modern, which is so valued the ability to express and that employment is of a constant dispute those who suffer with this disease always will be at a disadvantage “. Disciplinarum Scientia. Series: social sciences and Humanities, (Santa Maria, v. 2, n. 1, p. 111-123, 2001 123)

Figure 04
Figure 04


This article brought a breakthrough on the understanding of social phobia from the point of view of those patients and their families seeking at all times, relate the data of each literature those brought by social phobics and people who care of them: many authors discuss this issue as a critical and permanent activity with the ability to review and prepare an appropriate treatment to each carrier.

This is due to the fact that the agreements made between specialists and family, however must by mutual consent of the family solve treatment.

By means of this research can be observed also that the specialist is the centerpiece, and fundamental to that the wearer can see with different eyes how important it is and even going through problems of diseases they can count on professionals responsible for assist. How many families are suffering with these carriers because of the disease, but there are always fighting so that this can acquire upgrades or even a cure.


(Bhugra, 1989; Jorm, 2000; Lauber et al, 2001; Tsang et al, 2003; Lauber et al., 2004).

CRAWFORD & TAYLOR (2000, p20)

Disciplinarum Scientia. Series: social sciences and Humanities, (Santa Maria, v. 2, n. 1, p. 111-123 123.2001)

Lipsitz JD, Schneier FR. Social epidemiology and cost of illness. Pharmacoeconomics

2000; 18:23-32.

Miguel Lucas in psychological therapies to combat Social phobia? (2006 P45),/Arthurscarpato Develops since 1995 1 Specialized Treatment for PEOPLE with PANIC DISORDER, social phobia and traumas.

BABA B.ANA (2011, p. 21). Psychology and behavior, ISBN: 07/05/2010

BABA B.ANA (2011, p. 25). Psychology and behavior, ISBN: 07/05/2010

sztamfater s, Savoy mg. Treatment of social phobia in adults – considerations about the insertion of family psychoeducation programs. ARQ bras psicol. [no prelo]

2000; 18:23-32.

Yacubian j. family Psychoeducation. São Paulo: University of São Paulo. Faculty of medicine. “Department of Psychiatry; 1997. “.

[1] Educational psychology specialization course

[2] Prof. Dr. Neuropsicologa, neuropsychological discipline applied to learning Disorders USC-Bauru

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