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Cognitive behavioral therapy and its relevance in the therapeutic process

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been a widely used approach in several contexts, and can therefore be useful to help in promoting...

Working conditions and stress factors in eucalyptus foresters

This research presents an overview of rural workers who develop activity in the context of eucalyptus forestry and the impact of...

Built identity: Place of psychodiagnosis in the construction of man in the concept of...

This article aimed to identify what are the possible implications of the psychodiagnosis based on the ICD 10, regarding the...

Study on the intrafamily conviviality of users of alcohol and other drugs in contemporary...

The use of alcohol and other drugs is a reality in Brazil and in the world, associated with risk factors that may involve beyond the user...

Theoretical integrative review about the possible factors that lead to suicide attempt

There are multiple factors related to the suicide attempt that, in most cases, are linked to the desire to break with a reality of great...

Playful contributions to child development in the neuropsychology clinic

The study aims to evaluate the contributions of playfulness in child development and its viability in neuropsychology clinic, also...

Interpersonal communication skills between couples: Contributions of cognitive behavioral therapy

Couples, time and time again, live everyday marital conflicts, but the big question is how these conflicts are resolved

Anxiety disorders and psychological evaluation: Instruments used in Brazil

Anxiety disorders are characterized by fear and anxiety disproportionate to the situation that triggers and persists

Psychological problems coming from the search for the beautiful body in the context of...

The purpose of this writing was to bring the problem of worship to the beautiful body in contemporary times, presenting the historical

Neuropsychology and differential diagnosis in cognitive declines and demoralprocesses in the elderly

In order to review the literature on cognitive decline in aging, normal and pathological and the role of evaluation

Coaching: A brief historical, conceptual and practical analysis of the method

In recent years coaching has stood out as an attractive option to develop skills of people linked to corporate and business environments

Munchausen and Munchausen syndromes by proxy: some notes from Psychology

The article aims to present some notes of psychology about Munchausen syndromes (MS) and Munchausen by Proxy (SMPP), seeking to understand

The unconscious knowledge of the subject and the desire of the analyst in the...

Clinical care for drug patients requires that unconscious dimensions of the drug subject and the accompanying analyst be observed

Contributions of Neuropsychology: High Skills/Gifted

Neuropsychology is a field of psychology and neurosciences that studies the relationships between the central nervous system,

Environmental perception as a strategy for investigating the built environment: Case study in a...

The process of planning the built environment requires a series of investigative procedures, among them knowing the environmental perception

Understanding the obsessive-compulsive disorder: A book review

The following article has as objective present the principal theories that explain the obsessive-compulsive disorder. These theories includes the biological

The mother-child Bond in light of psychoanalysis and the film "we need to talk...

This article discusses the construction of the mother-child bond in light of psychoanalysis. To this end, we covered the notions of motherhood

The contributions of psychological assessment in the context of traffic

The world population has been growing every day at an accelerated rate, with the number of vehicles circulating on the streets is greater

Considerations About the Psychic Processes of Grief

Death is seen as taboo in the present day, generating suffering, denial, guilt and anxiety, triggering sorts of mourning that affect the psyche

Social Phobia

This article brought a breakthrough on the understanding of social phobia from the point of view of those patients and their families seeking at all times, relate the data of each literature those brought by social phobics and people who care of them: many authors discuss this issue as a critical and permanent activity with the ability to review and prepare an appropriate treatment to each carrier.

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