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Dyscalculia: The role of the teacher in the face of the difficulties of the...

There is no denying that mathematics is part of the daily life of society in general. Mathematics is everywhere

The importance of creativity: case study on Different approaches to story-telling Story in children's...

The early childhood education in the educational context of combining caregiving to educate is a process of recent history in Brazil and within that reality

Teaching Practice in Professional Technical Education

The training of mid-level technicians, but also the qualification, requalification, reprofessionalization for workers with any education

Pedagogical practices in elementary school: Overcoming problems with recreational activities [1]

Child is a social being that is born with the affective and emotional and cognitive capacity has wishes and are close to the people and is able to interact and learn

Confrontations and dilemmas of the new times: the use of technology in the praxis...

With the advent of technology new spaces and possibilities have been created, and the traditional education won new directions

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