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The Importance of Playfulness in the Teaching Learning Process in Early Childhood Education

The act of playing is part of childhood and brings the possibility of a repertoire of developments, whether in the cognitive, social...

Robotics and the Teaching of Mathematics: Building a simple traffic light in the classroom

The aim of this article is to show some possibilities of the use of robotics in mathematics classes, describing the construction and operation

“Difference between squares” in the Pythagorean Theorem

This article aims to show applications of the content of the Pythagorean Theorem in the construction of knowledge in the classroom...

The importance of play in the initial series: Case study

Introduction: This study was born from the need to create learning strategies in order to improve the environment and content in a

The intentionality of the educational system in determining who and what one learns

From the theories about the development of learning that emerged in the 20th century, we highlight the ideas of Behaviorism and Gestalt in the attempt to

Psychopedagogy and art therapy encounters in the teaching learning process

This article deals with a research in Psychopedagogy, in which two experiences lived in the classroom are reported and aimed to understand

Learning difficulties in the English language discipline and its relationship with the family environment...

This study has the aim of discussing, from a literature review, the learning difficulty in relation to the English language discipline

Acquisition of a foreign language: A study on the process of learning English in...

The present study focused on learning English language in a language school in the city of Natal, Brazil. For this, we worked with ten...

The teacher’s performance and the relationship of affectivity and learning from the perspective of...

The study addresses the theme of the relationship of affectivity and learning. It cites the importance of the teacher's performance in this context. Addresses that affectivity

A study on the use of the Internet in the Brazilian educational context

The advances and dissemination of the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), more precisely the Internet, uncover new...

The importance of the English language in the EJA – practices and identity of...

Este trabalho explana a importância da aprendizagem em língua inglesa na Educação de Jovens e Adultos. A influência que esse idioma desempenha nas

An analysis of School evaluation in basic education

The assessment of learning is a controversial subject in schools, where one of the main reasons of this controversy is the persistence of ancient

Benefits and Method of teaching of Futsal in the elementary school: literature review

Futsal is a valuable tool for teachers of physical education in school, and can be used in different ways according to the broader educational objectives.

The use of cell phones, Tablets and Notebooks in the teaching of mathematics

On the exposed, fit the teacher get the right tools to attract student attention, arousing in him the desire to learn and continue learning. However, these tools must be selected and operated correctly.
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