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Pedagogical practices in remote education and teacher training at Covid-19

This essay had as its theme to discuss the pedagogical practices in remote education and teacher training at COVID-19, showing a

The Teaching of the Federal Constitution in the context of Integrated High School of...

Our Federal Constitution of 1988 placed Education as a Fundamental Right in the list of social rights. One of the purposes of Education...

Physics at ENEM and in the technical chemistry course at the Instituto Federal Do...

The National High School Examination (ENEM) is an evaluative and selective tool for students to enter higher education. The Federal...

High School Chemistry and Enem: A curricular comparison

The National High School Exam (ENEM) is an assessment consisting of an essay and multiple choice questions. This assessment aims to measure...

Moodle Platform: Education through technological mediation

The present study is characterized as a bibliographic research, with a qualitative approach, with data and information collected from...

“Difference between squares” in the Pythagorean Theorem

This article aims to show applications of the content of the Pythagorean Theorem in the construction of knowledge in the classroom...

Legal sociology: Tool for the construction of the humanistic legal entity

The present work aims to analyze the need for in-depth study of General Sociology and Sociology of Law in Brazilian universities. It is

Between the rhymes of cordel

The National Curricular Parameters (PCN's-1998) suggest a contextualized teaching, which enhances the dialogue that runs through popular

Cultural diversity among Spanish-speaking countries in the socio-educational context

This paper presents the importance of disseminating the teaching of the Spanish language in public schools in Manaus- Amazonas, presenting the importance

Linguistic prejudice: A paradigm to be broken

Language is one of the most important forms of expression and manifestation of a people's culture, both in the oral and written spheres

A study on the use of the Internet in the Brazilian educational context

The advances and dissemination of the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), more precisely the Internet, uncover new...

Music as a transforming agent in the individual’s life

This work is about music as a transforming agent in the individual's life, a study that includes a reflection of how it is seen

Didactic: A Dialectic in the formation of the educator in the Teaching of higher...

The word originates from Greek Didactic techné didaktiké which translates to teach art. In which the first ideas have emerged in Central Europe.
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