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Maxmin with multiple tastes and beliefs

This paper presents the main results of my doctoral thesis written in 2016 as part of the requirements to obtain the Doctor degree

Politics of racial quotas and high school students of public schools in the region...

This study aimed to verify the degree of science of high school students in the region of Itapetininga, regarding the quota policy

Social Service and Mental Health: Performance of the Social Worker in the multidisciplinary team

This study aims to reflect, theoretically, on the performance of the social worker inserted in a multidisciplinary team within mental health

The Effects of Linguistic Ideology of a Colonizing Process in the Politics and Linguistic...

This article aims to discuss the linguistic ideology present in Guiné-Bissau's linguistic policy and planning , considering the ideological effects of a colonizing process, the imposition of linguistic ideas in the metropolis

The Female Role in the early days of Brazilian Protestantism

The history of the Christian religion is the history of masculine leadership, as well as the history of philosophy and of other knowledge.

The Concept of Death as the Liberation of Thought: A Brief Introduction to the...

Death is a subject of great importance to be studied, however, in philosophy it is still necessary to spend time in its understanding.

Access to Public Policies in the Rural Environment: A Study from the Family Farmers...

Reflecting on Family Agriculture is relevant to the Amazon context in general, and more specifically to the city of Manaus

Security in Mercosur and Ecowas: The Role of Brazil and Nigeria as Sub-Regional Powers...

Brazil in MERCOSUR has stood out as one of the largest powers, and has taken initiatives to maintain peace, security and development

Inequality in socio-spatial Perspective: notes and reflections around a Compressive and Conflictual Reality

The diversity that marks the ongoing urban activism allows us to perceive and understand that life is pulsating too reactively under the contradictions and daily clashes suggesting us, somehow, pregnancies policies under the direction of a concrete utopia, emerging to plan possible, so engendered in the present tense.

Concept of Habitus in Pierre Bourdieu and Norbert Elias

Human behavior is something fascinating and enigmatic at the same time, being an object of study in various areas of knowledge, including psychoanalysis, psychology, anthropology and sociology.

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