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Reverse Logistics for Medicines, Supplies and Related Products, Application, and Impacts on the Public...

This study aims to discuss the results of logistics management of supplements and finished products, focused on the area

Relationship of the “I-God” connection in cancer patients

This paper is a literature review that addresses topics related to a sense of connection with a being of a higher nature

Profile of users of the oral health service in Comendador Levy Gasparian/RJ

The health of teeth and the oral cavity affects people's quality of life, as it interferes with the ability to eat, communicate, aesthetics

Human myiasis: Clinical case

Myiasis is considered a dermatozoonosis infestation caused by infestation of dipteran larvae in tissues or organs, which deposit

Update on the Major Aspects Related to Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the type of cancer that most affects women worldwide in developing and developed countries

Theology, Epigenetics and Public Health

The spirit world has always worked in a sustainable way, God created the heavens and the Earth

The historical evolution of public health

The concept of health has suffered several interventions over the past 100 years, it was conceptualized from different world views.

Impact of judicialization of health in public management

This article has as its theme the judicialization of health impacts in public administration, particularly with regard to the public and financial budget.

The effectiveness of social rights in public health

This article aims to bring a brief reflection about the real effectiveness of social rights in the brazilian public health, using as a basis, an exploratory analysis of the elucidações brought by various scholars that permeate to corroborate this.

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