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Marketing 4.0 and the importance of communicating with the new consumer on social networks

The article makes a study, although initial, about Marketing 4.0 and its interference on the processes of communication with the new consumer

Internet accessibility in Brazil during the years 2008 and 2016

The internet is the junction of several communication networks, on a global scale interconnecting networks from the most distinct places in..

The Success of the communication in the course of Evidence-based Nursing

Communication is understood as a process of transmission and understanding of information. Opportunities for Messaging.
Figura 8. Branca de Neve

The apples and the Intertextuality in the speech in the life of Steve Jobs:...

Show the meaning of communication of Steve Jobs in his life and in the world, uses Intertextuality, discourse analysis, signs, significant and meaning to the text.

The Ignorant Master: technologies and networked Communication Interfaces in the ways of Intellectual Emancipation

The educational processes until then were in an environment based on traditional methods, these were permeated by the humanist ideology, and also the scholastic positivist.
O processo de mudança é difícil para o colaborador

Resistance to change restrictive factor to organizational development-case study in a laboratory of clinical...

Organizational culture is a solid base of corporate principles and ideals that are the soul of the modern enterprise. Organizational culture encompasses a set of perceptions, thoughts and feelings common to stand out in the workplace, extrapolating the physical boundaries of the Organization and influencing the macro environment in which the company is inserted.
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