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Nutritional status of children and adolescents with Down Syndrome: Integrative review

Introduction: Obesity is a chronic disease defined as abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat due to balance

Effect of melatonin on cardiac morphophysiology of rats induced hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemias are classified as metabolic alterations and are related to cardiovascular diseases, which stand out

Collagen peptides combined with type II in joint pain of the elderly

It is known that collagen is a protein of great importance for bones, tendons, cartilage, muscles, skin, hair and nails
Figura 1: Efeito da administração de semente de abóbora em ratos Wistar machos hipercolesterolêmicos. Os valores para as variáveis colesterol total, HDL, LDL, VLDL, TGS e glicemia são expressos em mg/dl. * p< 0,05. HDL: lipoproteína de alta densidade, LDL: lipoproteína de baixa densidade; VLDL: lipoproteína de densidade intermediária; TGS: triglicérides.

Effect of pumpkin seed Intake Cucurbita l. maximum on the lipid profile and Glucose...

Phytotherapy and the use of plants for medicinal purposes are part of the practice of folk medicine, being a set of knowledge and beliefs
Figura 3: Pimenta-do-reino em grão preta. Fonte: Saúde, 2014.

Preserved in Natura[1]

The discovery of preserved was made even in antiquity. The man needed a way to keep and preserve food for longer

Food consumption of practitioners of weight training in the pre and post Training [1]

The quest for a perfect body, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, coupled with the practice of physical activity, growing each day

Herbal provisions in health primary care

The knowledge of herbal medicine is needed as additional practice in the care of individuals in order to guide them on the proper way of identification, preparation and use of plants, making them about the rational use of the same. The use of herbal medicine is recognized as a practice that can assist health professionals in your professional conduct.
A Pirâmide Alimentar

Prevention of childhood obesity in elementary school

The school has the important role in the development of the child as an agent for the promotion of eating habits and healthy lifestyles, as it is the place where children spend most of their time.
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