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Gráfico 1 - Duração das obras. Fonte: Autor.

Planning and control of Housing Work: case study of residential Garden Ipiranga in redemption/PA

Administer a work in which have quality and rapidity in its processes is not a very easy task.

Public policies in education: quality of education and University reform

This research is only a theoretical essay on the quality of higher education and the University reform, which seeks to discuss how is the quality
Representação das Cargas nos Pavimentos.

Comparative analysis of methods of Pavement-Hard Floor (concrete) x flexible (asphalt)

Road transport is the most widely used means of transportation in Brazil, either on dirt road-gravel, stone-paving stones, concretada road.

The use of cell phones, Tablets and Notebooks in the teaching of mathematics

On the exposed, fit the teacher get the right tools to attract student attention, arousing in him the desire to learn and continue learning. However, these tools must be selected and operated correctly.

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