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ICT'S and early childhood education: play, digital inclusion and learning

This article addresses ICT's in Early Childhood Education as a technological learning resource where play plays a decisive role.

The importance of creativity: case study on Different approaches to story-telling Story in children's...

The early childhood education in the educational context of combining caregiving to educate is a process of recent history in Brazil and within that reality

Using food as a method of learning in early childhood education: focusing on the...

The change in children's education is visible, especially if for some of us that today we are in the classroom, we return and try to remember how it was done

Infantile sexuality: challenges of Contemporary School

Socially, the subject sexuality has always been a "taboo", especially when related to the child. In the context of today this situation is changing, the world is giving people opportunity to meet and deal better with his own sexuality. However, in the school space, yet there are many challenges to child sexuality is perceived and treated with naturalness and respect therefore still lingers the image of something forbidden and embarrassing

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