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Study of the aquatic ecosystem of the Japiim Lagoon in the city of Manaus:...

The Urban environmental Policy provides reflections for the study of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems regarding the preservation of natural resources

Multi-criteria evaluation of environmental costs of three alternatives.

In the construction sector the use and management of natural resources for extraction of raw materials is of vital importance in relation to aspects of sustainability. The knowledge of the costs of each material employed, the environmental impacts from energy consumption and generation of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Social and Environmental Awareness measures on exploitation and conservation of biodiversity in Brazilian biomes,...

The Federal Constitution of 1988, the caput of the art. 225, alludes to the high dependence of the ecologically balanced environment for the present and future generations.

Geography, history and the environment: environmental degradation in alta Floresta/MT

The Amazon represents the largest collection of tropical forests in the world, with great diversity of flora and fauna and occupies approximately 7,000,000 square kilometers, in North-Central South America.

Socioeconomic and environmental characterization in a Coastal Community in the Amazon region, Pará-Brazil

Coastal areas have always been places of great attraction to human populations, mainly due to the availability and abundance of resources.

Integration and Globalization in context: a reading of Tefé in the Amazon

QUEIROZ, Kristian Oliveira de QUEIROZ, Kristian Oliveira de - Creation and Globalization in context: a reading of Tefé in the Amazon - Multidisciplinary Core...

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