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Henio Fontão

Tabela 07 - Cálculo dos efeitos dos fatores, variância global e erro experimental, nos municípios de Lorena, Taubaté e São José dos Campos. Fonte: elaborado pelos autores.

A study on the influence of socioeconomic factors in the perception of the quality...

In markets of high competitiveness, such as the retail sector, small operational benefits can generate great competitive advantages.

Plackett-Burman Saturated planning for analysis of Opportunities and improvements in Supermarkets Retailers

It is observed that most of the publications on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing/Enterprise and Six Sigma describe practical applications of these concepts and methodologies in processing companies.

The impact of the Expertise of the leaders in information technology Governance

To study governance, focusing on the profile of the it leaders in Brazilian companies, sought to first meet the concepts relating to governance and the profiles of it leaders. To this end, the description of the profile of the leader in YOU can reveal which factors influence best practices

The Taguchi method to Assertive and Probabilistic decision making in purchases on the stock...

In the development of the brazilian economy, observed throughout history, the great evolution as normative legislation governing the various guidelines. This procedure led to the need for a development of new Government practices

The importance of intellectual property management for the processes of technological innovation

Open innovation is a model that values collaborative relationships and technological connections, intensifying the markets and external flows of knowledge to add value to internal innovation rates, in these cases, because there are areas that companies have not interest in innovating through internal processes

The variables representing the degree of Attractiveness of the posts by a Corporate Fanpage

The popularity of social networks is a current and relevant factor that exerts influence in changing human behavior. Social networks are introducing new ways to communicate and keep in touch

A Contingency Approach as a business strategy for the open innovation model

The essence of innovation is in your technological compatibility, technical, social and economic standards of market acceptance and vice versa. Organizations that can manage these conditions, tend to dominate the business models that influence market behavior
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