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Figura 1: Fatores de influência no processo de decisão de compra. Fonte: KOTLER APUD MEDEIROS e CRUZ (2006, p.169).

Sensory marketing: A Strategic Tool to Gain and Retain Customers

With globalization, technological innovations, a booming economy and a highly competitive market, the products and services available in the market

Cognitive processes through the advertising message

The media are large vehicles diffusers of information to people through technology, such as the audiovisual
Figura 1: Formato de rede segundo Leonhard Euler. Fonte:

The 21st century: a return to the Caves-social networks to the myth of the...

This work has as object of study the "Myth of the cave" of Plato applied to social networks. In the 21st century generation y is being influenced
Figura 8. Branca de Neve

The apples and the Intertextuality in the speech in the life of Steve Jobs:...

Show the meaning of communication of Steve Jobs in his life and in the world, uses Intertextuality, discourse analysis, signs, significant and meaning to the text.

The Ignorant Master: technologies and networked Communication Interfaces in the ways of Intellectual Emancipation

The educational processes until then were in an environment based on traditional methods, these were permeated by the humanist ideology, and also the scholastic positivist.

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