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From religion to artificial intelligence: struggles and conquests of the Jewish people in human...

This article aims to demonstrate that Jews, a group of people generally identified by their religion, relatively small, when compared to...

The kingdom of God and the city in light of secularization

The close relationship between religion and the State is born with the very creation of the city in which religion intervenes in its...

The Denial of Homosexuality by Theological Dogmas

Why is homosexuality denied according to theological dogmas? This article aims to evaluate the reasons for this denial, presenting them...

An educational reflection on theology and community

Context: Throughout human and biblical history, religion has influenced the social, political and economic factors of the community,

Demonology analyzed from the perspective of the writings of Father Gabriele Amorth

Demonological studies are gaining increasing prominence in the field of catholic dogmatic approach, especially

Contemporary Brazilian Protestantism: Biblical evidence against the prosperity presented by neo-Pentecostalism

Due to the formatting of their main religious beliefs, neo-Pentecostalism has brought, directly and indirectly, representativeness to the

Between the cross and the sword: Historical panorama of Liberation Theology in Latin America

This article approaches liberation theology from the perspective of Latin America in order to trace a brief historical overview, its

The Ecological Schedule and the Word of God: What do you both have to...

This article aims to present the biblical agenda imbriated with the ecological agenda. As a methodology, primary and secondary sources...

Challenge for chaplaincy in the 21st century: Spiritual support after natural disasters

The large number of occurrences of natural disasters in Brazil, especially in the last two decades, has shown itself
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