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Socioeconomic Relations and Impacts on the Environment

Society is developing every day and, together with the positive changes in evolution, it is observed that there are interconnected problems...

The importance of constitutional principles in civil proceedings in the face of computerization of...

The fundamental principles enshrined in Article 5 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 are the pillars that underpin the entire procedural...

Education for the inprisons: Challenges and perspectives

The present work aims to present the obstacles that arise in the educational process in prisons, given the lack of

Investments in education in Brazil: how does the teacher look in this scenario?

This article aims to demonstrate Brazilian society the current working condition of the teacher, defending the premise

Contemporary art: art and life

It is through art that we can create and recreate all, give a new sense things and even our own lives, because if the contemporary art.

The importance of Fiscal responsibility law for Public Administration

The objective of this paper was to analyze the importance of Fiscal responsibility law as normative instrument on the control of public finances.

Concept of Habitus in Pierre Bourdieu and Norbert Elias

Human behavior is something fascinating and enigmatic at the same time, being an object of study in various areas of knowledge, including psychoanalysis, psychology, anthropology and sociology.
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