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Synthesis of a copper glycinate (II) Complex monohydrate

The coordinating compounds are basically characterized by an ion of a block d metal, called Lewis acid surrounded

An efficient method to recycle and recover silver nitrate for genetic analyses

Silver nitrate (AgNO3) is a routine reagent in Laboratories of Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics, thereby resulting in large amounts of residues.
Figura 1: Representação gráfica da distribuição do número de carbono e dos anéis (Z) da amostra de ácidos naftênicos de areias petrolíferas. Fonte: Rogers et al (2003)

Naphthenic acids: detection and identification in petroleum

In recent years much of the oil reserves discovered in Brazil, this is heavy oil of low level API (< 20th)
Figura 2: Utilização de computadores por estudantes que não possuem essa tecnologia em seus domicílios.

The computer as a tool in the teaching and learning of biology and Chemistry:...

The 21st century, the era of globalization, where the information is obtained through a few mouse clicks exploring the universe called internet

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