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Socioeconomic Relations and Impacts on the Environment

Society is developing every day and, together with the positive changes in evolution, it is observed that there are interconnected problems...

The Incidence of The Social Security Contribution on Profit Sharing

The central objective of this article is to analyze the legal relevance of workers' participation in the profits or results (PLR) of...

The importance of constitutional principles in civil proceedings in the face of computerization of...

The fundamental principles enshrined in Article 5 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 are the pillars that underpin the entire procedural...

Law and Religion: The norm as a limiting element of intolerance and prejudice 

Religion plays a fundamental role in society, mainly because it influences behaviors that inadvertently foster prejudiced and intolerant... 

Procedural Legal Business: The new role of the parties within the procedural relationship and...

Brazilian procedural law faced several modifications and expansions with the entry into force of the New Code of Civil Procedure...

Abortion in Brazil: Ideological views

Abortion over the course of many decades was seen as an immoral act, having been subject to great repudiation by the ancient civilizations...

Conciliation and mediation in social security law

This article aims to study the ways in which judicial measures are implemented, from the perspective of mediation procedures linked to civil

Limits of Genetic Research with Embryonic Stem Cells In relation to the Rights to...

Through the use of embryonic stem cells, the scientific community has seen the possibility of cure for genetic and non-genetic diseases...

Definition of the concept of Real Estate in the Doctrine and the Constitutional Legal...

The offer of this craft aims to define the concept of real estate. Tracing a general historical evolutionary panorama, from prehistory to

Right to health: The judicialization of the granting of high-cost medicines

The object of analysis of this article is the intertwining between the right to health in Brazil and the activation of the Supreme Federal

The Brazilian influence in the new Latin American constitutionalism

The work on screen aims to demonstrate a new form of constitutionalist movement that has been gaining new contours in Latin America

International Responsibility of the State and Human Rights: The case of the Maria da...

central objective of this article is to analyze the International Responsibility of the Brazilian State in the case of violence against

Possession, a fact and a right: An analogy in the light of creationism

This article was aimed at bringing an approach in terms of property law and its direct and indirect reflexes in the exercise

Criminal Identification in Adolescents

The present work will portray the criminal identification in cases involving minors, which is an important action to confirm the identity

Legal sociology: Tool for the construction of the humanistic legal entity

The present work aims to analyze the need for in-depth study of General Sociology and Sociology of Law in Brazilian universities. It is

Concubinate and Union Stable: Roman and Brazilian law

This article aims to present an interpretation referring to concubinate and stable union in Roman and Brazilian law. The expression

Popular participation: Reflections on the potential of innovation in the public service

The democratization process reduced the role of the State. The institutionalisation of some channels of consultation and evaluation led to

International responsibility of the state and the violation of human rights under the labor...

Considering the great recession of the world economy, several states through their rulers, aiming at increasing economic

The institute of Extrajudicial Usucapion as a form of dejudicialization of demands

The work aims to address the institute of extrajudicial usucapion, which was brought to the legal system through the New Code of Civil...

The deficits of Criminal Policies: Crime mitigation in the state of Amapá

The various functions of the State, including the creation of criminal policies, therefore, the research aims to present some factors that

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