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The relationship between public international law and petroleum law: Study of the case between...

This article aims to analyze the Law of the Sea and Petroleum to understand the reasons that generated, for more than a decade, the conflict between

The Challenges of Family Mediation in divorce cases and the effects of society fragmentation...

The aim of this essay is to discuss the dilemmas of Article 226, § 6 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 the divorce and its effects arising from the dissolution

Practical contrasts of lobbying and advocacy strategies: an analysis of the Brazil case and...

This article analyzes the potential of lobbying as a democratic instrument for representing interests and, on the other hand, the structure known as advocacy

Socioafetivo kinship families Reconstituted and Legal reflections with the recognition of Multiparentalidade

The bond created by daily life, relationship of affection, companionship, dedication, donation between parents and children become empowered in society.

Discussions about gender violence in Brazil

This work analyzes the gender violence that affects women worldwide and is rooted in cultural tradition, in social organization

The protection of the environment by advertising real estate

This article, the theme "the protection of the environment by advertising real estate", aims to raise some questions

International Humanitarian Law

International humanitarian law or international law of armed conflict (LOAC) is a set of laws that protect people in times of conflict

Constitutional Process code: next step in the evolution of the Brazilian Constitutional Justice

The Brazil already has a draft of Constitutional procedures, proposed by the lawyer Paulo Bonavides and taken over by the Bar Association of Brazil.

Internal Control and Audit: Proposal of Implementation in the Military Police of Maranhão

Internal Control is not the object of extensive studies in Brazil, so a study was carried out for the Military Police of Maranhão

The Principle of Dignity as a Guide for the Construction of Relations and Labor...

The Consolidation of Labor Laws is an agglomeration of rights and obligations that protect the labor field

The Adoption as a result of recognition of Marriage Homoafetivo in Brazilian Society

The recognition of civil marriage homoafetivo demonstrates that the principle of equality should serve as a parameter in order to avoid prejudices

Legal custody Given to children and adolescents as prevention of family violence and its...

Domestic and family violence are not in 100% of cases, clearly identifiable, but, without doubt, are responsible for thousands of children

Right to employee Image [1]

By analyzing the notes made in the present study, the conclusion that protect the right to employee's image is nothing more than respect

The Right to an Image of the Worker [1]

It is not today that we have heard the saying, "Advertising is the soul of business." It is well known that good publicity has a major influence on decision-making power

The Environmental Audit as a Tool for the Sustainable Development of the Amazonian Cities...

The disorderly growth of cities and the increase of potentially polluting activities in the Amazon Region degrade the environment

Game of the Critter: Incognito Brasileira

The criminal contravention in Brazil, not only the game of the animal, is considered a kind of criminal infraction by the Law and has undergone many changes over time

To Marijuana Decriminalization the Light of Brazil’s Drug Policy

We are convinced that the content of this article shows one of the most influential factors in the Brazilian media today, we will systematically address some points of the importance of the discussion that we will extend on this subject that is of extreme relevance in the determined research during the course of the study

The new rules of the new code of Civil procedure

Infer, therefore, that the new provision that brings the new code of Civil procedure, regarding the rationale of judicial decisions, is just a reflection of the constitutional forecast on the same topic.

Alimony: recent changes in the CPC

The previous law already provided for the imprisonment for default of the last three installments before the filing of the action, however, pareavam questions about the arrangements for compliance with penalty (closed, semi-open, open).

Award-winning collaboration: limits and possibilities

The award-winning collaboration, also known as snitch or tipoff effective, is an Institute of the Criminal and Criminal Procedural Rights, in which, an author of crime that collaborates with justice, with research, and denounces the associates are entitled to receive some benefits.

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