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Edgar Thiago de Oliveira Chagas

Graduated in Information Security, Bachelor in Business Administration, MBA in Project Management, Specialist in Cyber ​​Security, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and international certifications.

Artificial intelligence, quantum computation, robotics and Blockchain. What is the reality of these technologies...

In areas such as artificial intelligence, it is necessary to use other types of computers and architectures. For example, in recognition algorithms

Deep Learning and its Applications today

Artificial intelligence is no longer a plot for fiction movies. Research in this field increases every day and provides new discoveries about

Evaluation of real estate using artificial neural networks-systematic literature review

The real estate market is very important in the national economy because it reflects various aspects of society. This situation means that, in value and quality

Blockchain: the technological revolution and impacts to the economy

The world is increasingly globalized, interconnected and connected via the internet. Currently, it's rare to find someone that does not have files

Bitcoin and the New World economy

The present study has as its proposal to analyze the nuances of the bitcoin market, where it brought a broad view about cryptocurrencies or virtual currencies.

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