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Nursing strategies for the inclusion of men in the family planning program: an integrative...

Family planning is a theme addressed in primary health care and constitutes a set of actions that allow women, men or couples to have...

Nursing actions in primary care in view of the risks of hypertension during pregnancy

Preeclampsia presents itself as one of the hypertensive syndromes that can affect women during pregnancy, during childbirth and/or

Impact of Postpartum Depression on Breastfeeding: An Integrative Literature Review

Objective: To bring the necessary knowledge to nursing professionals about the importance of identifying pregnant women with signs...

Symptoms of depression in nursing students

Objectives: to verify symptoms of depression among nursing students at a private university. Methods: this is a descriptive...

Sociodemographic profile of intensive nursing and its relations with engagement and workaholism

The aim of this study was to analyze how sociodemographic variables explain the levels of engagement and workaholism in the work of

Drowning in the elderly in Paraíba-Brazil

Drowning is a global problem, and is among the leading causes of death in the world, and the elderly are part of this new reality

The nurse’s competencies in relation to the mobile emergency care service – SAMU

Introduction: In Brazil, emergency and emergency care networks are supported and regulated by the unified health system,

Software for Risk Management and Patient Safety with Identification Bracelet Printing

Patient safety is the focus of discussions around the world over the past decade, and is part of the basic criteria for ensuring quality

The Art and Science of Nursing

The art of nursing can be described as the caring, compassion, understanding, communicating, and loving in caring for patients. The science of nursing
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