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The importance of psychological and nutritional follow-up after bariatric surgery: Literature review

Obesity is a multifactorial chronic disease. The patient may present several clinical conditions associated with it. The clinical picture

Implementation of a psychology clinic in an emergency care unit: an experience report on...

Introduction: In 2020 Brazil faced the first wave of contamination by SARS CoV-2 and currently there is the second wave of the virus's...

Psychological Illness and Elementary Education: Social Representations of the Sick Teacher

This study is part of the field of school psychology in interface with health psychology and uses the methodology of social...

Symptoms of depression in nursing students

Objectives: to verify symptoms of depression among nursing students at a private university. Methods: this is a descriptive...

Art for therapeutic purposes in patients of a CAPS Ad in df

Due to the psychiatric reform movement, which sought to replace the nursing home institutions with a territorial care network,

Social Service and Mental Health: Performance of the Social Worker in the multidisciplinary team

This study aims to reflect, theoretically, on the performance of the social worker inserted in a multidisciplinary team within mental health
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