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Eucalyptus culture in the extreme southern region of Bahia and its impacts

Because it has favorable conditions for the development of eucalyptus culture, the extreme southern region of Bahia has attracted, in the last three decades
Figura 2 – Foco de atuação da Logística Reversa.Fonte: - adaptado de Leite (2009).

The reverse logistics and your Importance to Organizational and environmental sustainability

Since ancient times man has always sought to maintain a relationship of domination over nature. And, along the timeline

Social and Environmental Awareness measures on exploitation and conservation of biodiversity in Brazilian biomes,...

The Federal Constitution of 1988, the caput of the art. 225, alludes to the high dependence of the ecologically balanced environment for the present and future generations.
Produção (kg) de lixo orgânico e inorgânico em ambas as amostragens e composição do lixo inorgânico média das duas coletas

Socioeconomic and environmental characterization in a Coastal Community in the Amazon region, Pará-Brazil

Coastal areas have always been places of great attraction to human populations, mainly due to the availability and abundance of resources.

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