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A sensitive look at pedagogical practice in hospital spaces: Andragogy

This article aims to present the benefits of andragogic care within hospital pedagogy to assist in the promotion of the integral health of...

Pedagogy of care: A new perspective for nursing

Nursing has care as the object of its study, deepening and action. Pedagogy, education. Nursing and Pedagogy

School transport: ensuring access and citizenship

School transport in Tocantins and be treated the prospect of access to citizenship experienced by public school students through the viability of the school transport provided by public authorities under State and Municipal levels, discusses the current legislation and its applicability.

Infantile sexuality: challenges of Contemporary School

Socially, the subject sexuality has always been a "taboo", especially when related to the child. In the context of today this situation is changing, the world is giving people opportunity to meet and deal better with his own sexuality. However, in the school space, yet there are many challenges to child sexuality is perceived and treated with naturalness and respect therefore still lingers the image of something forbidden and embarrassing
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