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Malaria risk cartography in the municipality of Maxixe: Case of the Chambone Neighborhood

This article focuses on the assessment of malaria risk spatialization, based on data from residential areas by type of breeding sites
Estados da Amazônia Legal

Geography, history and the environment: environmental degradation in alta Floresta/MT

The Amazon represents the largest collection of tropical forests in the world, with great diversity of flora and fauna and occupies approximately 7,000,000 square kilometers, in North-Central South America.
Localização da área de estudo. (A) Brasil, (B) zona costeira amazônica brasileira, (C) localização da comunidade do Tamatateua.

Social and environmental assessment of the community of Tamatateua, Amazonian Brazilian Coast

Of course Rico environment and very productive, biologically, with large areas of mangroves, estuaries, rivers and tropical forests
Catadores no lixão de Marapanim-PA

Municipal solid waste management-participatory Action in Marapanim/Pará

Industrial process and the consequent demand for consumer goods, automatically increases the generation of municipal solid waste.

Integration and Globalization in context: a reading of Tefé in the Amazon

QUEIROZ, Kristian Oliveira de QUEIROZ, Kristian Oliveira de - Creation and Globalization in context: a reading of Tefé in the Amazon - Multidisciplinary Core...

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