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Essay on the theory of who is God, the matrix particle and quantum stamens:...

Given that God is nothing absolute, the only eternally present, immutable and neutral element of any equation that can contain everything...

New Mathematical Formulation of the Molecular Diffusion Process and Electrodiffusion In Cell Membranes

Molecular diffusion is a physical-chemical phenomenon observable in day-to-day life, as simple gases of a perfume expanding through a...

General Study on Infinity and Wave Propagation

This study proposes a better understanding of infinity and the relationship with the propagation of waves, followed by some questions about

A new perspective on driving current density

This article discusses alternative and complementary proposals to the Laws of J.C.Maxwell, of classical electromagnetism, based on

Rocket stove as a proposal of experimental practice for the teaching of Physics

Experimental practices enable students to have an environment in which learning takes place interactively, thus giving students

Electricity: from generation to distribution; Historical aspects and didactic proposal for teaching

It has been diagnosed for many years the difficulties that exist in teaching physics. Among them we can highlight the students ' disenchantment
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