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Rogério Galvão de Carvalho

Ongoing PhD in Business and Social Sciences. Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales, UCES, Argentina. Master in Economics. Catholic University of Brasília (Conceito CAPES 6), UCB/DF, Brazil. Specialization in Specialization in Public Law. Estacio Brasília University Center, Estácio Brasília, Brazil. Bachelor's Degree in Economics. Brasília University Center, UniCEUB, Brazil.

The perception of economic agents about the new ecoomic development plan, focusing on attracting...

There are indications that the programs in place to generate economic development in the metropolitan region of Brasília are giving low...

The Importance of Choosing Indicators for Efficient Evaluation of Public Policies

With the increasing population and the growing demand for increasingly sophisticated public services associated with the scarcity of...

Public policy of attracting investments in Brasília: errors and successes

Given a poor socioeconomic scenario, where the historical database of the last decade revealed an above average population growth...

Analysis of the scientific conduct of the economist, currently, in the use of the...

The Theory of Rational Choice (TER), in the first half of the twentieth century, through a very well-elaborated technical-scientific
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