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Manual of Practices in Physical Education in Professional and Technological Education Using the Free...

The application, EFE-EduFisEPT, acts as a support for physical education school activities, using historical-critical pedagogy...

Evidence of therapies applied to pain control in elderly people with low back pain,...

Pain in the lumbar region is seen as debilitating globally, as it affects a large part of the population, because it is directly related to

Development of human motricity in Physical Education classes as pedagogical strategies

The present study aims to propose the Development of Human Motricity as a pedagogical strategy to qualify physical education classes...

Football in Brazil: Origin and Evolution of Training Methodologies

Football has been characterized throughout history as a sports phenomenon that involves and mobilizes millions of people all over the world...

Strategy and tactics: The search for useful concepts to volleyball

The words strategy and tactics are widely used in the sports environment, including in the practice of volleyball. Many coaches and athletes

Functional training: Concepts and benefits

This study discusses the characteristics and benefits that can be provided by the practice of functional training. The central idea addressed

Athletic March: analysis of the supposed unnatural concept of the sport

The Athletic March, athletics event, cyclical movement derived from ordinary and highly technical gait, member of the Olympic program since

Internal forces affecting the swimmer: A systematic review

The speed in swimming is determined by biomechanical and bioenergetic factors, and it is necessary to modulate the amount of force produced...

Behavioral assessment of preschool children in a swimming program

Sports behavior is crucial during childhood and adolescence, as neurofunctional growth and development are accelerated. Evaluation of...
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Karate as Olympic combat sport in 2020-Pan American Games Medalist until 2016

Karate is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. Its origin is in Japan, particularly on Okinawa island
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