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Globalization and the crisis in law: Rethinking ethics and morals in the postmodern State

This test aims a critical analysis on the technological and economic globalization and its impact on positive law

Judge conciliator-a mythological figure approach due to the principle of conciliation in the labour...

The present work aims to demonstrate that the principle settlement in its essence is not achieved by the magistrate togado in practice of the courts, as the dogma inscribe on his long way of studies and training.

Mediation as an instrument for Justice of the peace

SILVA, Adonias Osias da , ARAÚJO, Carla Regina de Freitas SILVA, Adonias Osias da; ARAÚJO, Carla Regina de Freitas. Mediation as an instrument for...

Impact of judicialization of health in public management

This article has as its theme the judicialization of health impacts in public administration, particularly with regard to the public and financial budget.

The effectiveness of social rights in public health

This article aims to bring a brief reflection about the real effectiveness of social rights in the brazilian public health, using as a basis, an exploratory analysis of the elucidações brought by various scholars that permeate to corroborate this.

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