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Administrative accounting consulting: a new way of running a company through technology

Objective: To describe the impact from the obstacles and potentialities that technology has brought to accounting consulting. Question...

The Design of Projects As Added Value In The Management of Small and Medium...

Nowadays, the challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises are their continuity in the market, so that this occurs they depend on the...

Popular participation: Reflections on the potential of innovation in the public service

The democratization process reduced the role of the State. The institutionalisation of some channels of consultation and evaluation led to

Diagnosis and proposal of intervention of Knowledge Management practices: Case study in the active...

With the premise that the environment of entrepreneurship and innovation of incubators has its results optimized when there is an

Future of the national financial market: Moment of innovation by FinTechs in transformation to...

The Brazilian banking system is in a stage of maturity conducive to the receipt of a new entrant that, following the global trend, are

STARTUP INNOVATION: Turning ideas into successful businesses

Differentiated and innovative dry. The startup is still movement is something new that has much to be explored. The proposal of this work was to present briefly the most relevant concepts and demonstrate an example where put into practice some topics. All this with the purpose of inspiring a deeper search on the topics discussed here.
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