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Depression in old age: the nurse’s contribution to the recovery of depressed elderly people...

The depressive elderly need care that goes beyond physical and biological expressions. In view of the above, the present article has as a...

Evidence of therapies applied to pain control in elderly people with low back pain,...

Pain in the lumbar region is seen as debilitating globally, as it affects a large part of the population, because it is directly related to

Drowning in the elderly in Paraíba-Brazil

Drowning is a global problem, and is among the leading causes of death in the world, and the elderly are part of this new reality

Evaluation of hepatotoxicity in elderly with HIV/AIDS using isoniazid

Introduction: The aging of the population becomes notorious from the twentieth century reaching several countries of the world. The data of

Collagen peptides combined with type II in joint pain of the elderly

It is known that collagen is a protein of great importance for bones, tendons, cartilage, muscles, skin, hair and nails

Neuropsychology and differential diagnosis in cognitive declines and demoralprocesses in the elderly

In order to review the literature on cognitive decline in aging, normal and pathological and the role of evaluation
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