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A reflection on the ethnomathematics of the bricklayer and the school mathematics

This article reflects on Ethnomathematics, analyzes interviews with a group of bricklayers and sellers of construction material from the municipalities of Mercedes

Ethnomathematics: A reflection on the mathematics used by bricklayers

This article is a result of reflections on ethnomathematics and Analysis of study sessions conducted with Bricklayers in the municipality of Mercedes – PR.
Figura 11: Construções com o geoplano

The use of the Geoboard in teaching Geometry: calculating area and Perimeter

Today, we live in a kind of this increasingly focused on technological advances, and the meet is required

The use of cell phones, Tablets and Notebooks in the teaching of mathematics

On the exposed, fit the teacher get the right tools to attract student attention, arousing in him the desire to learn and continue learning. However, these tools must be selected and operated correctly.

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