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José Ribeiro dos Santos


Nursing Management Conduct in the Intensive Care Unit

The different levels and complexity of care provided to the patients require the nurse, an ability directed to manage physical resources

Patient care of chronic kidney injury with electrolyte balance disturbances in the emergency room

The present study concludes that although the limited number of articles found, this research has the representativeness and relevance of the subject approached, offering contribution to discussion and subsidies for the growth of the nurse professional in Administration regarding the service of the nursing team, in an analytical way, the elementary aspects are successfully adapted to the care of these patients in the emergency room.

Social and Environmental Awareness measures on exploitation and conservation of biodiversity in Brazilian biomes,...

The Federal Constitution of 1988, the caput of the art. 225, alludes to the high dependence of the ecologically balanced environment for the present and future generations.

The Understanding of nurses On the collection and donation of organs and tissues for...

The data of this study conclude the understanding that the quality of the relationship between the funding agencies and professional society favors.

The new challenges which the Didactics must propose and Implement classroom Brazilian

It is concluded that the teaching is the primary tool to acquire and expand their scientific expertise.
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