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Comparison of the Curricular Matrix of the Undergraduate Chemistry Course at IFAP with the...

Curricular matrix is the set of curricular components (disciplines) that guarantees the content necessary the formation of a student in a...

Strategies for Teaching Chemistry at Medium Professional and Technological Level Present in Scientific Articles

Chemistry teaching is not such an easy task for teachers trained in contemporary times. The process of updating your resume should...

High School Chemistry and Enem: A curricular comparison

The National High School Exam (ENEM) is an assessment consisting of an essay and multiple choice questions. This assessment aims to measure...

Using waste as a tool for environmental education and chemistry teaching

The main objective of this work is to produce gypsum and ecological paint with residues of eggshells. Furthermore, we know that reuse
Figura 2: Utilização de computadores por estudantes que não possuem essa tecnologia em seus domicílios.

The computer as a tool in the teaching and learning of biology and Chemistry:...

The 21st century, the era of globalization, where the information is obtained through a few mouse clicks exploring the universe called internet
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